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O Me oh My oh, son of a gun!
(Heavily plagiarized by William T. Newton)
In consideration of our country’s current desire to scrub clean the history from anything which might be offensive to the loudest of self-declared victims, it’s time to call the kettle black! We must stand in solidarity with Louisiana and other states who have defaced our country’s history and memorials in the name of intolerance. Lawd, we gon have big fun now down on the bayou cuz dat statue got tore down….
Just because it is happening throughout the South does not mean it won’t creep North along the Carolina coast like a summer squall to find its way to Maryland my Maryland; the “Free State” just a click below the Mason-Dixon Line……
Too many witticisms rise to my mind but since my vagina-hat is in the wash, today I’ll just have to soldier on with only my “blankie” to make me invisible. One Nation, Invisible, under Pelosi with gender Liberty and Junk reassignments for all!
The coming front is to ‘tear down the flag of Maryland’ as a symbol of racism!
Oh what horror it is that the State Government and ALL of its participating electeds are party to such a promotion of blatant bigotry and intolerance! (Oh if only I could end every sentence with an exclamation point)!
We’re not talking about some full-blown remnant of the “Stars & Bars” co-opted by the Democrat led Klu Klux Klan, our state flag is an insidious xenophobic symbol of slavery of the worst kind hiding in plain sight for all to see and praise; its meaning unknown to most! Oh Maryland, avenge the patriotic gore that flecked the streets of Baltimore.
In this red dawn of day we knell before the “cross botany” with its eye-searing secessionist red and white colors blended with the black and yellow Calvert hashes couched in the belief that side-by-side these two symbols make the convincing case of ‘reconciliation’…..and yet there is “no Justice, no Peace”!
Maryland, my mother-state, your streaming banner to thee we kneel. Burst the tyrant’s chain and remove thee from my delicate snow-flake sight! Might we tear that pennant of slavery from its mooring like so many other vestiges of history or salute its subtle symbol of Confederate sympathy that the sufferings share no knowledge?
Our cry, it surges forth, a shriek from hill to hill, from creek to creek! She breathes! She burns! O Me o My o! Maryland, my Maryland. Will salvation come when she hears the call on the corner: Jambalaya and crawfish pie, my brother?
April 2017
(references from the lyrics of “Creedence Clearwater Survival”, the official Maryland State song and notes from history)!
“America is Rising!”©

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