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The Huffington Post thinks the National Rifle Association (NRA) is like ISIS. On how many levels are they wrong? Let me count the ways:

They say, “Institutionally, both organizations are remorseless about the deaths of victims.” That’s completely wrong, and only seems right” to the imbeciles at Huffington Post because they “think” all gun deaths are the fault of the NRA. They are NOT. The NRA merely wants to uphold the right of law-abiding Americans to own and use the means to self defense, a gun, which does not make them at fault every time a criminal or terrorist kills somebody with an ILLEGAL gun. ISIS goes out and KILLS people for not buying their silly notion that all people should be Muslim. And their kind of Muslim, at that. The NRA doesn’t do that.

Both use fear and intimidation to attain their objectives.” That is patently wrong, and stupid in the bargain. The only “fear and intimidation” used in the “gun rights” fight is espoused by the anti-gun fools, of which the Huffington Post is apparently part. Again, all the NRA wants is for our government to recognize the constitutional rights of it’s citizens to be able to defend themselves against the illegal guns out there.

Both assume their ideology is superior to the wishes of a majority of citizens.” In the case of the NRA, it is the majority of citizens being unwilling to give up their right to own and use the tool for self defense as guaranteed in the Constitution, which is proven by the MILLIONS of members who pay to support them. In the case of ISIS, they FORCE adherence to their wishes by promising to KILL anybody who seriously disagrees.

Both have intensely loyal followers.” In that they’re right. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The NRA has MILLIONS of intelligent Americans PAYING to be “loyal followers.” ISIS, in comparison, promises to KILL anybody who ISN’T “intensely loyal.” So they’re AFRAID not to be “intensely loyal.” And they brainwash the others, who aren’t too smart, to begin with.

Both recruit and indoctrinate members who are ignorant of the basic facts.” Now that’s one of the biggest LIES they tell. That NRA members are “ignorant of the basic facts,” when it is the anti-gun fools who ARE ignorant of the basic facts, and want to hurt you if you try and convince them otherwise. NRA members DO know “The basic facts,” no matter how much the anti-gun fools want to think they don’t, in their own ignorance. Their minds are made up. Don’t confuse them with facts. ISIS, on the other hand, like I’ve said before, enforces their wishes with death threats. The anti-gun fools have delusions of adequacy.

Both are relatively small organizations that have impact beyond their relatively small size.” Hoo, ha! Thanks, Huffington Post, I needed a good laugh! You are fooling yourself if you think the NRA is “relatively small.” Not with their millions and millions of members, who PAY to be “intensely loyal.” ISIS only needs to send in one “looney toon” who doesn’t mind dying to get his “74 Raisins” with a bomb to kill a lot of people.

Neither organization will apologize for the harm they cause.” No, the NRA would never apologize for standing up for the constitutional right of self defense and to own and use the means to that, the gun. There is nothing to apologize FOR! ISIS, on the other hand, has a lot to apologize for, but expecting them to, is futile. They aren’t smart enough.

End note: Huffington Post is laboring under the misapprehension that what the NRA espouses is CAUSING the deaths of many. What IS causing the deaths of many is short-sighted ignorant lawmakers who insist on making laws to limit our ability to defend ourselves from the many ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. (Maybe those last two are the same thing). As long as they labor under that delusion, we will have them publishing silly articles like the one to which I refer.

The answer to “gun violence” is NOT to take guns away from honest, law-abiding citizens to make sure they can’t defend themselves. The answer is to control the PEOPLE who use guns to victimize others, and give their victims the means to repel their attacks. The anti-gun fools are too stupid to realize that.


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