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Please Lord do not tell the Democrats they are in their final days.  Show them the mercy of not knowing the end is coming, that some day soon Bill and Hillary will be in Leavenworth and Bill will be given extra punishment with forced conjugal visits once a month and that he will be taken to them kicking-and-screaming.

Don’t tell them the Democratic Party will file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in July of 2018 just in time to cinch the mid-term elections for the Republicans and dump more Democrats adding the 1117 you cost them.  Or, that President Trump will be given a Nobel Peace Prize but refuse to accept it from the bank of Sweden saying it could be seen as collusion with a foreign power and money laundering by the press and the law twisting Mueller Gestapo Gang.

Leadeth them not to promote Social Security as “…our most successful program,” when it is only another tax that we use for gaining power by giving much of it to illegal aliens and young people that claim mysterious, undefined illnesses for which they are entitled to full benefits in spite of having paid little to nothing into the system which is really a Ponzi scheme due to go broke in a few years.

Explaineth not to them that you have no intention of repaying the national debt to say nothing of all the money we have printed as Benanke Bucks and Yellin Dollars that have no basis as the T-bonds normally required to be sold to justify them by documenting they were appropriate to support commerce for existing assets which do not exist.  So much for “The full faith and credit of the United States of America.”

Confesseth not to them that the asteroid that may hit Earth in a few months could have been pushed away from us by a rocket with the guidance and propellants we have but the elected folk thought it more politically expedient to promote “Man in Space!  Going where no man has gone before because it was stupid.”  We can only hope this three mile diameter rock takes out DC on a day when the Trumps are abroad.  Of course all the smoke, fire, dust and darkness will kill the rest of us slowly. All you DC denizens will actually be lucky to go in a flash!

Dare you not tell them the “man-caused global warming” alarmist propaganda was nothing more than hot air of a kind not caused by adding CO2 to the atmosphere as we demonstrate at in “CO2 Is Innocent” that anyone can do the demo-experiment and see that added CO2 does not heat the atmosphere and that there are no “greenhouse gases” exposes this trillion Dollar fraud on the American people for less than seven Dollars!

You have a lot to own up to, but why do I know you never will?


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