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In the past, foreign peoples sometimes invaded their neighbors as raiders to rape, rob, and loot, taking women, crops, and gold from the people who lived in other countries. 

In the modern world armies and police forces make such raids impossible.  Civilized countries like America do not hunt down the raiders and slaughter them but allows them to live among their own people to take jobs, thus changing the dynamics by which invaders raid their neighbors. 

Globalists like Obama and the Democrats declare that countries need immigrants to feed their need for new blood and a renewal of the workforce.  But they do this at the expense of the citizens who already live there.  Obama says those who invaded America illegally to find employment do jobs that Americans believe themselves to be too good to do.  This is all patently false! 

Unemployment hit new highs under Obama as South American invaders took jobs that American citizens would have been doing.  Civilized countries are allowing uncivilized peoples to invade and conduct a bloodless insurgency to supplant their own citizens.  England and much of Europe is being subsumed by Moslems who are not immigrating to their countries but invading to colonize them.  At the rate they are going western Christian culture will be destroyed in a few decades by the globalists. 

These elites would be perfectly happy if Islam and Sharia law made slaves of the masses in a way that their socialist atheism has failed to do.  They promote the ideology that they are all entitled to live in America.  Democrats like Pelosi say they are all Americans, but just because they are born on the continent of the Americas doesn’t make them Americans.  This is just Democrats trying once again to confuse the language and conflate the issue. 

Just because French are born in Europe making them Europeans does not make Hondurans born in Central America Americans.  Only one country’s citizens in the American continents are known as Americans even by other countries in the Americas. 

President Trump is working to stop these invaders from doing to America what they are doing to Europe. 

Mexicans, Central and South Americans, and Moslems are all invading and demanding that America become like the sh*thole homelands they left while living off of America taxpayers as parasites.  Mexico is supposed to be a U.S. ally and close trade partner, but it is the Mexican government that is allowing foreigners to cross their country to invade the USA.  It is the Mexican government that is allowing drug cartels to operate on our mutual border, smuggling drugs into the U.S., and murdering Americans who get in their way.  It is the Mexican government that made deals with Obama, Clinton, and other Democrats to keep the borders open for their invaders to steal from Americans and deliver drugs.

Army of invaders wanting to be illegals marching on U.S. border

California rolls out welcome mat, Texas fortifies the border

Trump to take action to guard border against invaders because Congress won’t

Trump deploys military to border to block invaders

Mexico stops caravan under Trump threats

Democrats rejected President Trump’s generous DACA deal because they demand all illegal immigrants be given full citizenship to become legal Democrat voters supplanting U.S. citizens.

President Trump has demanded that the 2020 Census include a declaration of citizenship to weed out those in the country illegally from being counted by states like California.  California has been making its own immigration law in violation of the Constitution to allow millions of invaders to establish residency and vote illegally.  This kind of ballot stuffing by some states is why the Founders ingeniously installed the Electoral College and not a vote by simple majority.

California alone had several million illegals vote in 2016 giving Hillary the numerical majority illegitimately.  That illegal ballot box stuffing would have overturned the votes of the thirty states that elected Donald Trump.

Obama, who repeatedly declared he was for closing the borders to illegal crossings by invaders, passed regulations to render impotent America’s border patrol and force them to release invaders into the U.S.  This two-faced act of saying what the American people wanted done yet doing the opposite is the backbone of the Democrat Party and their RINO allies in the GOP.

These are the people who are destroying America for their own benefit by importing a large population of cheap labor dependent on government welfare to make American citizens debt slaves.  But President Trump is having none of it and is taking action that is making the DNC and GOP establishment scream.

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