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How can you expect any nation that calls your leader “The Monkey Man” to act with respect when that same fellow says that “this is serious” and that “crossing this red line” will have serious consequences, with no follow through? Without the very basic of principles, that being respect, two conflicting ideologies do not have even the basis for agreements of substance. Every demand or suggestion would always have the subliminal reaction to it that basically says “yeah right” when backing down has been the pattern of activity of one side.

Barack Obama has been gaining a reputation to the chagrin of his military leaders (those that remain) whose opinions based in years of military training and experience have been ignored or not even sought, as a man whose idea of leadership is “my way or the highway”. The “What? Me worry” goofiness gives away his blatant amateurishness in the face of professionals who barely keep their guffaws under control as he enters a room. He is dangerous because the American people forgot to see him as the leader of the greatest military on the planet and only saw him as the forgiveness for the sins of the past. They hoped for change that mattered. They got marxism full bore in every federal mandate and decision. Barry Soetoro the Constitutionalist was in reality Barack Hussein Obama the seeker of revenge against the man. Tearing down the Republic was his goal and step by step he has been at it for almost 8 years.

I can’t imagine the briefings of Hu Jintao or Xi Jinping who are really comrades of similar ideologies to Barry Soetoro. What is missing of course are the checks and balances that the American systems have built into them and are ignored by Soetoro. In China such blatant disregard for the decades of development of communist principle and application of same that ordered the Peoples Republics rise as a super power of socialist principle with a grudging acceptance of free market business gone wild, would not be tolerated. This is an accommodation in the exact opposite development of America’s own embrace of socialism. One nation loosens its reins somewhat and free enterprise springs up in answer to the needs of the people and and the other tightens the reins and crimps the freedoms that it proclaims to believe in and further restricts what could be wild and crazy natural growth. The world is indeed upside down.

As the title states, Obama is not the United States of America, he is merely a blip, a fleeting dark cloud that will dissipate and be replaced by the bright light of day as his oppression of American principles will find its end. A bright new day is indeed coming, if we take the path that leads to a return to basic principles and a return to the service of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, America’s God.


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