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DOWN BALLOT VOTING. The only way to try and control Hillary, a person with a trust factor of about thirty percent, is to vote Republican. It will be a try because she like Obama will rule by executive order. The dumps by WikiLeaks are considered of no consequence because they were obtained by hacking, regardless if they are the truth. Trump’s crude words, that have no bearing on policy, mean a lot more.

With the trust and likability factors being in the tank, congress will have to do their constitutional job. Budgets will have to be done with no continuing resolutions, and closing down government if needed. They have to take back the power of the purse. We are at the point where spending has to be controlled, taxes and fees ca not be raised without killing business and investment. Give the Republicans two years. It will take that long to see the complete damage from the Obama administration. The establishment Republicans will control Trump.

One of the problems with congress is that we have too many with Bachelor of Arts, and too few with Bachelor of Science degrees (we have too much (BS). There are few economist, and people that have ran a business of any size. Hillary’ will raise taxes. Trump’s plan is like playing three or four level dress, both income stream and spending priorities change.

The hassle over integrity and language left the issues not to be discussed in depth. Immigration: what to do with the current aliens that are already here, the wall, border security, anchor babies, refugees, one religion that is not compatible with democracy. Citizenship, job creation, infrastructure, and benefits.  and

The dumps by WikiLeaks are policy and governing concerns. How do crude word from the past determine policy? Trump and Hillary go from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Congress will still face the issues not discussed:

1.taxes 2. All court appoints. 3. Religious freedom; Hillary and the Democrats have attacked Catholics and Evangelicals. The deplorable and infidel need protected. 4. Foreign policy. 5. Justice reform 6 Job creation. 7. Trade agreements. 8. Security both domestic and foreign. 9. Energy dependence 10 %education: Common Core and Charter schools 1o.  Military and veterans. Just a list.



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