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Hey don’t call me a jerk

Just because I don’t want to work

Why work when you give me everything free

That’s what the community organizer taught me.


At first he taught us to fill out the forms and what to say

How to milk the government for the pay

So don’t call me a jerk just because I don’t work


You work and make the pay but now we have the day

Our community organizer is now in charge

All we have to do is follow orders to collect from you

And if you don’t pay my bills you can quit work and join me too


Why work and make things that that can be made in china at half the price

When my monthly entitlement is worth more than a china man’s yearly pay

So I was kidding and I’m no jerk and you keep on working because I want your shirt.


We don’t mind sharing your wealth and we don’t mind you paying for our health

We can’t build without a helping hand so subsidize me a house for a place to stay

Give me a big screen TV a free cell phone and don’t forget the food stamps you see

So don’t call me a jerk because I prefer not to work and look in the mirror and you will see what a great socialist you have turned out to be.


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