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I get really upset when I hear conservative people talk about a court interpreting the law.

I remember one jurist say that the Constitution says what he says it does. NO! A judge or a court should only settle disputes UNDER the law. A judge is bound by the law just as anyone else. But socialists have packed the courts at all levels for over 50 years with their weird worldview. So we get the outrageous rulings today that do nothing but promote the leftist ideology which is insane. Socialism does not work or only works until you run out of other people’s money.

The progressives, the far left, know that they can get some judge to rule against the law that they detest. The know they cannot get anywhere through the legislative process so they run to the courts to get what they want. This has been happening far too long. There are two remedies to this. Put conservative men on the bench and have the legislatures and congress to reign in the courts.

While I am on the subject, the judiciary is the weakest branch, or should be. The representative bodies are the highest with executive next and the courts last. The courts have usurped almost everything but they are not coequal. We need some backbone in our legislative bodies and watch the executive branch when they appoint.

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