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As most are aware, baby Huey, Kim Jong-un, ordered the firing of what is thought to be their latest attempt at an ICBM, which failed almost immediately. The launch is said to have taken place at or near the Sinpo Submarine base, on the Eastern Coast of North Korea.

The reason for the failure, other than being North Korean, is unknown. Some experts claim it to just be incompetence on the part of the regime, while others, mainly Pyongyang, insist that the United States hacked the missile, which caused it to fail. I’m good with either explanation, but especially pleased if we were to have hacked the missile.

It is suspected that the failed launch was to loosely coincide with V.P. Mike Pence’s visit to Seoul, South Korea.

Failure or no, this was to be yet another attempt at a show of military might by the sophomoric dictator, who thankfully, at least so far, has been all talk – no action.

The launch came on the heels of a massive parade of supposed military might and civilian solidarity. The parade was dubbed, “Day of the Sun,” commemorating the 105th birthday of North Korean founder and original unhinged dictator, Kim Il Sung, father of late leader Kim Jong-il and grandfather of Kim Jong Un, the country’s present lunatic.

But did the parade show North Korea’s military might or its military mite? Experts are claiming it may be the latter.

As the parade was broadcast worldwide, some adroit viewers noticed some oddities regarding at least a few of the missiles.

On viewer tweeted: “I can’t speak 2 the skills of #NorthKorea weapon engineers, but looking at these fake missiles their papier-mâché experts are exceptional.”

Another noted that one of the flimsy looking rockets was pointing skyward and its nose cone looked bent. In fact it was a nose cone on a missile booster rocket and it was severely askew. Yet another observed that some of the rockets looked merely like painted skin over a wooden frame.

One expert claimed he noticed some the nose cones on large ballistic missiles were “wobbling.” All these are either signs of shoddy workmanship, or they are phony mock-ups. I tend to think they are fakes. Why? Because they’ve done this before.

In August, 2013, North Korea had a similar parade. Communist dictators do this a lot. It’s the only they have to show off.

Back then, NBC reported that, “Missiles paraded through the streets of Pyongyang in recent displays of North Korean military might — said to be capable of hitting targets throughout Asia and even in the U.S. — are incapable of flight and are almost certainly nothing more than fakes, according to U.S. government experts and independent analysts.”

NBC quoted Markus Schiller, an aerospace engineer in Munich and former RAND Corp. military analyst, saying of the intercontinental and medium-range missiles displayed in the North Korean capital that, “My opinion is that it’s a big hoax.”

Other U.S. government officials, reviewing high resolution images of the parade, concluded that, “Our assessment is that what we are looking at is most likely simulators used for training purposes.”

The assessment of various parades gone by is that the North Korean missile program is in disarray and that they are not the “super power” type threat everyone believes they are.

From the looks of things some four years later, things haven’t changed all that much. Not that they aren’t a threat – they are, as long as they have an idiot at the helm. But let’s just say – I’m not sure you should worry about building that bomb-proof bunker just yet.

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