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This is a warning to those seeking a diplomatic solution to the war against Iraq.  What ever you win will be lost. There are multitudes of naive “diplomats” thinking and articulating an “agreement”, an accommodation, or a “package” that they hope will lead to a peaceful resolution.  There may be a temporary lapse in the level of hostilities but there will not be a period of peace beyond the time it takes for a fanatical organization to build up its weaponry and “courage” to attack.  This was written in 2006.

If we saw a country progressing in commodities and achievement we could safely say this is a country seeking to live in a world where harmony and trade are primary values and war is abhorrent.  But when we see arms build-up and WMD ambitions we must conclude the aspirations are destruction.  This method of extortion, stopping attacks to gain time and/or material is the realm of diplomacy as it is now practiced.  It is short term, impractical and in the long run self destructive.  Diplomacy should be a trade transaction where each party has something to offer besides extortion.  Appeasing thugs doesn’t gain us anything.  A cease fire brought about because some thug promises to not build weapons or not initiate terror attacks is a con game that only the naive fall for.  We didn’t negotiate with Hitler or Japan.  We sought unconditional surrender. When we are faced with regimes intent on destruction of our allies or ourselves, it is time to forget about a diplomatic method.  We are at war ( Congress doesn’t know that yet ) and we need to act like we want to win.  Averting a war that is already in progress by diplomacy is the height of evasion.

Instead of shuttling diplomats we should be positioning armies, ships and weapons.  Sitting on our haunches unprepared to strike is not negotiating from a position of strength.  When our diplomats sit down to talk they should have the following to “offer”:  We are posed to invade if you don’t stop immediately your arms build up , your Katyusha bombardment ,and your attempts to threaten and intimidate.  Do you agree or shall we declare war?  This is how you negotiate with a bunch of barbarians intent on destruction and chaos.  You don’t hand them any packages of incentive that buys them time.  You don’t offer humanitarian aid to a populace that in indistinguishable from the insurgents.  You don’t try to negotiate with both sides when one side is clearly an ally and the other is clearly an enabler of terrorism.  This nonsense of being an honest broker is another attempt to muddy the waters about what we are doing and why it is supposed to be seen as helping both sides to reach an agreement.  We’ve seen these negotiation bribes played out with Arafat and North Korea and the results were nil.  What does it take for a nation to realize it is giving away the store for nothing?

Let’s suppose we were not a super power.  Do you think for a minute some barbarian would try to negotiate on our behalf?  We would lose our freedom ( that which Congress hasn’t already managed to destroy ), our way of life and our weaponry.  We would have no means of defense and we would be at the mercy of those who grant none. And if we were to survive we would have to acquire some courage to stand up to the nations we allowed to reach super power status while we dilly dallied around worried about our international image and whether we were offending anyone anywhere in the world.  I get offended whenever I hear the United States is suffering from a negative world opinion.  The rest of the world is playing catch-up and we are worried about their opinion of us?  The lack of respect we have from much of the world comes from our inability to act like a super power and expect respect.  Pulling out of war zones before achieving victory is only postponing another invasion.  What ever happened to the “finishing the job “mentality?

The Democrats have played their hand with the rejection of Joe Lieberman as a Senator who knew we were at war and a wimpy withdrawal before the victory is won is only a shameful replay of Vietnam.  What kind of foreign policy calls for a limited response to an invasion of our country?  What part of foreign policy does our political leadership not understand?  Evidently all of it.  We have no foreign policy.  What we have is knee jerk reaction to every world event based on whether or not it will affect our image.  Like a teen age girl wondering if everyone will like her, we jump through hoops giving away  money we don’t have so we won’t look stingy. Meanwhile we watch as our taxes go up and up , We have more restrictions on oil production so our gasoline prices soar.  And foreign policy is relegated to the back burner even though it should be the highest priority.

Meanwhile the wars go on and we have one party wanting to withdraw and the other not knowing how to go about fighting it.  One thing is certain.  Negotiation has never won a war and it won’t win the ones we are fighting today.


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