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Robert Swan Mueller III, Special Counsel, wants to interview President Trump in what we, and many, suspect is a trap.  How do we come to such a conclusion?

Special Counsel, aka Federal Prosecutor, Robert Swan Mueller III, Esq., Philadelphia high born, Ivy League educated lawyer with a deeply flawed record starting in 1970’s San Francisco; first case, Federal Prosecutor, with a “slam dunk” case to put away 18 Hells Angel drug runners, blew it so badly all got off!

In business that would end the career of R. S. Mueller III, but “The Swamp” creatures, or as we say, “The Web,” noticed and gave him a post in Boston.  Bob fumbled his first case of an East German spy physicist indicted on a ton of glowing evidence but walked thanks to Bob’s screwups!

Then he was assigned to prosecute the Whitey Bolger Mafia mob. The FBI had several snitches in their ranks so he chose to protect them by indicting four innocent men from a mob the FBI had not compromised, convicted them on false evidence getting 40 year sentences.  Two died in prison, but all four were found innocent on a review of the case and their families were awarded $101 million of our money!  Was Bob cashiered from the Department of Justice?  No and the Swamp/Web got a greater grip on B.S.III   Can you spell “corrupt?”

Next B. S. Mueller convicted accused virologist Steven Hatfield on false evidence he arranged.  Hatfield proved he had no access to the Anthrax virus he was accused of using.  Mueller had suppressed evidence of that fact and was again caught!  Hatfield sued and won $5.8 million for “malicious prosecution” and “false imprisonment.”  Again, Mueller’s crimes were ignored as the Deep Swamp masters hands got a greater grip on Robert Swan Mueller III as they reveal to us who they are by the way they manipulate this dolt.

Whoever is running the “Deep Swamp” always has something on the men they control!  Bob Mueller’s is in the prison of his mind as he is guilty of the deaths of two innocent men, incarceration of more and the freedom of really dangerous criminals.  How did this come to be?

This is the shadow of J. Edgar Hoover, a sexual deviant cross-dresser who kept his post by blackmailing politicians from 1924 to 1972  while under the growing thumb of the Swamp/Web, giving it a way to control more than the FBI.  The web extends to, and beyond the CIA and NSA as bumbling Bob continues to assault and insult the Constitution.

Mueller’s men broke into Paul Manafort’s house at 4 AM, roughed up and handcuffed Paul Manafort and his wife, grabbed client-lawyer documents and personal property in a Fourth Amendment Constitutional violation.

Mr. Manafort has a Constitutional cause of action potentially worth millions.  Mr. Manafort has both connections and means to prosecute this case is worth millions!

Mueller has asked a judge for prosecutorial immunity for five witnesses against Manafort in a really evil move.  They include: James Brennan, equities broker,  Donna Duggan, unknown profession,  Connor O’Brien, accountant, Cindy Laporta, accountant and Dennis Raico, bank officer.

If these people are given “prosecutorial immunity they may lie with abandon.  Should these five “songbirds” be found to be lying they cannot be prosecuted under the Mueller arranged deal which should mean the deal will explode in the usual Mueller outcome.

It is utterly clear the Mueller objective is to remove Donald J.Trump, a legally elected President of the United States, and bring the Swamp/Web Masters back to complete and total power of the kind they have enjoyed so long.

Mueller is notorious for thin-evidence, heavy-hands and high failure rates.  He is high-born, high-educated, an ex-Marine with several “Band Aid Purple Hearts,” cultivated appearance and speech; walks like Gary Cooper in a studied gait and a tool of “The Swamp/Web.”

We prefer to call “The Swamp,” “The Web” because it is a network of corrupt people.  Most who enter never leave and those who do dare not tell: they are few.  The web is a consequence of bureaus. It has existed in some form since the founding of Rome in 800 BC.

The mechanics are very simple:  Elected people come and go.  Bureau people spend their lives actually running the empire.  They come to believe the electeds are unnecessary and an impediment to their wisdom. They explode after 250 years, like a time bomb and destroy the empire having forgotten every great ship must have one man at the helm.  When they hate him, plot against him, remove or kill him the empire fails as it has every time in the history of man.  We are 242 years old.  We are at the precipice.  No way Bob!

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