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In a radio interview with Laura Ingraham, RNC Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel declared that if President Trump doesn’t deliver on his campaign promise to build a wall along our southern border that “Republicans will lose in 2018 and beyond.”

Ingraham asked,

“The President comes out yesterday and says there’s going to be a wall. So what is the RNC doing specifically to push the Trump agenda and help it get traction in Congress?”

McDaniel replied, “Well I think part of it is communicating to our lawmakers what we are seeing on the ground. And I’m from Michigan. I was part of the Trump movement as a Michigan chair, and I know that our voters are going to hold us accountable in 2018 if we do not keep the campaign promises that were made. When you get to Washington, sometimes you forget what was said outside and it’s important that we bring that back to Washington and let them hear what the voters expect of this government and of the president.”

McDaniel continued, ” We will lose the trust of our base if we don’t keep our promises. Our base is going to walk away. They’re going to feel like, ‘Hey, you said one thing on the campaign trail to get elected and you didn’t act on it.’”

This statement shows that at least some Republicans get it – the power of this great country is with it’s people and it’s people have elected a candidate to, among other things, build the wall. So build it President Trump. Or enjoy watching the power of people shift to another candidate who is willing to deliver on their promises. 


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