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With the speed of court proceedings  there is no time to appoint a special prosecutor.  Hillary has shown propinquity  and a great chance for conflict of interest with the Clinton Foundation and her private e-mails.

Major newspapers have called for a shutdown of the Foundation, NOW.  Hillary is up against a order from a judge, the AP, Judicial  Watch, Wikileaks, and Congressional committees.  For some there was enough reasonable doubt for no conviction or jail time, but too much for a person to be elected President.

Hillary has shown a chance for a conflict of interest. President Obama faces a conflict in his policies continuing or being stopped. He could also be a major part of the information. Both have enough information on the other for blackmail. Why should he even consider appointing a special prosecutor?

We are in new election territory if Clinton would drop out. W@ho would replace Hillary: Kaine, Biden, Sanders, or Obama trying to extend his term of office?  Would Ryan or Pelosi become  president based on the new House of Representatives.

If Hillary is elected, could one of the first actions of congress be impeachment? Depends on who controls the senate. Thank you Hillary for deleting the e-mails, and thank you Obama and the DOJ in aiding in the cover ups. Paybacks to  the Clintons’ and the Clinton Foundation could take place if Hillary is elected,  not now.

The U.S. already has enough threats without this political mess. The voters will be the jury for Hillary. Will they have enough evidence to convict? Much of the evidence will be circumstantial, because of the deletions, and some people becoming deceased.

Information needs to be put out as soon as possible for the early voters. The media needs to report events as they happen, no more protection of Hillary. Politicians choose to live in a fish bowl.

If Trump is elected so be it. The media, establishment Republicans, and the actions of Obama elected him.


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