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Even if I were not university trained and actually thought for myself, I would find supposed gender bending a fallacy and an absurdity. I find its claims so bizarre that my mind immediately wants to say “For goodness sake – stop fooling about! It is all just too stupid to talk about” But, if I do that I can be arrested or blasted on social media. But, guess what? I don’t care. Social media do not influence my output one little bit! So, blast away.

Bette Midler was ferociously attacked yesterday simply because she said in a short Tweet that she wondered if ‘Caitlin’ Jenner would again start to call himself ‘Bruce’ (People magazine, 22nd August). She promptly apologized and removed the Tweet!! Try that with me and I’d ignore the small-minded fools! Bruce has always been Bruce. Calling himself ‘Caitlin’ makes no difference! This is because one’s birth sex is fixed, while ‘gender’ is only fluid because people wish something else – it is subjective nonsense clothed in mental imbalance.

My eyes can see how ridiculous these gender-benders are. My mind can store knowledge that calls these people idiots for taking their pretense beyond rationality. And no moronic cyber-attack will cause me to change my thoughts. Excuse my bluntness – but leftists and gender warriors leave me cold. They are trying to change society for the sake of satisfying their brainless activities, just as their parent homosexuality did way back in the 1960s. But, for all their shouting and thuggery, their ideas are still stupid. (I prefer a more seasoned academic approach, but these people are too infantile and violent to deal with it).

The Truth Emerges

Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh (both physicians and psychiatrists) of Johns Hopkins University have their heads screwed on right. As experts they tell these flight-of-fancy adherents that claims put forward by ‘gender ideology’ have no scientific basis (reported in New Atlantis). How much clearer can we get? Nor is there a scientific basis for homosexuality, only some very nasty delusions and sexual practices that kill millions!

I have already written (iPatriot) about gender-benders who not only harm their own bodies and minds, but whose very existence harms all of society. I have shown that children supposedly with gender anxiety grow out of it by the time they are adolescents. The only reason they have these delusions in the first place is because their parents are too idle to check the facts, or don’t care about their children’s wellbeing, or are badly influenced by homosexual activists. Taking children along an homosexual or transsexual path is child abuse. Don’t call it anything else! And don’t be put off calling homosexuality and transgenderism what they really are! There is a dire need to do so, to prevent further erosion of intellectual pursuit and health.

No Science Behind Homosexuality

As Mayer and McHugh eloquently state, they find “no compelling biological explanations for human sexual orientation.” As one who watched the so-called ‘sexual revolution’ starting and growing from the early 1960s, I know what really happened. I watched with horror when homosexuals literally forced and intimidated psychiatrists in the USA to drop the mental illness category against homosexuality.

From that time onwards, homosexuality has spread its pernicious propaganda and bullied everyone into submission. (Well, not everyone, but that’s another story). Over the past decade all kinds of foul practices have been pressed into society as ‘good’, including pedophilia, incest, polygamy and bestiality. More of these sexual deviances are to follow as law-makers refuse to come out of their perpetual dream-state, making their dream our nightmare. So, transsexuality is just another of homosexuality’s idiotic sexual preferences, designed to rip men and women from their moral compass. Along with it comes more loss of freedom, more totalitarian regimentation, and more deaths caused by gross sexual malpractices.

So, a hearty clap on the back for Johns Hopkins University staff for telling the truth! They also say that same-sex attractions are not necessarily permanent. I know this from my own work and research. I know that almost all those who dip a toe into the icy waters of homosexuality (any of its types) find the water too cold and come back out again, never to return. Some have their brains ‘hard-wired’ by staying too long and so they remain in their cocoon of homosexual delusion. (Often, these are film and rock stars, or politicians, whose money and power can buy them sex partners). This is why the ACTUAL numbers who are ‘homosexual’ (it is not even a genuine category) are always less than 1% (the recent figure of 2% is far too high, because it does not take into account how random is the population of homosexuals, and how many leave the lifestyle. In reality the numbers change daily).

The Only Fluidity is the Numbers Leaving Gaydom!

The Hopkins team tell us just this – of all males who try out homosexuality (which is an abnormality) during adolescence, 80% no longer wish to indulge when they become adults (e.g. when they can think rationally and return to the way they were created). Females appear to have a bad experience when they want to leave lesbianism, because fellow lesbians (another false category) intimidate them into staying, often with violence.

It is pointed out by the team that homosexuals are usually so because they were abused as children (which is why we must keep these people well away from schools), and when they are in the homosexuality pit they suffer radically more fatal illnesses and mental health problems. These problems are NOT caused by any societal disapproval – they are caused by the sexual deviancy they indulge in: if you deliberately step on broken glass you can expect to feel pain and have wounds!

People who are deep into sexual deviancy are likely to commit or attempt suicide – their minds do not manage to sort out their own mixed thoughts: their actual sexuality, as created, does not look right in their own minds. This is because it ISN’T right! So they enter into confusion and want to end it all… but homosexuals don’t want this made public knowledge so they blame society for being rational.

Homosexuality to Blame for Deaths

Thus, the team state that the attempted suicide rate amongst ‘transgenders’ is EIGHT times higher than in the rest of the population – 41%. Finally having sex-change surgery (or, rather, gender change) does not help, but makes it all worse: “One study found that, compared to controls, sex-reassigned individuals were about five times more likely to attempt suicide and about 19 times more likely to die by suicide.”

It is time to send out tough rebuttals against those who wish to sexualize and homosexualize society from young ages, and the media in particular must not be stuck in the slow-lane of bad propaganda provided only by homosexuals.

So, let’s get it straight (pun intended) – homosexuality, in all its types, including transgenderism, is a nasty piece of work, designed only to get more adherents as sex-fodder, from as early an age as possible. The only reason society is duped is that homosexuals know their cause must be enshrined in law if they are to succeed in degrading all the world into a damnable mind-set and foul sexual practices. Their power is NOT in what they claim, because any intelligent being can debunk homosexual claims if allowed to do so. No, their power is in their ability to get laws devised to ‘protect’ their sexual insanity and silence all critics. The sun in the West is shining on disease-stricken quick-sand and homosexuals are pushing everyone to sunbathe in its deadly rays. The result is a population harmed almost to destruction by homosexuality and its deceptions. It must, then, be stopped. This is hard-talk in times made hard by dictators. Don’t accept it!


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