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The problem, as Obama calls it, is we Americans who blame the many for the actions of a few for their having the audacity to blame radical Islam and Islamists for the many attacks we’ve sustained in just the past 15-years on our soil. What bullsh*t that is.

The truth is that were at war, our nation among many, is under attack both abroad and at home – I say that again, we’re under attack at home.

The real problem is we have a weak, all but nonexistent Commander-in-Chief who: 1) refuses to acknowledge the fact that war has been declared upon us, 2) refuses to call the enemy that is radical Islam by its name, 3) refuses to take any meaningful action against those who radical Islamist who would destroy our nation, 4) refuses to allow our defenders on both homeland and abroad from taking the fight to the enemy, 5) who arms a nation that has sworn to annihilate our only Middle Eastern ally Israel with a free pass without enforceable inspections to build nuclear weapons and sends billions of dollar to are those who would kill all Jews, Christians and any others who will not bow to the religion of Allah.

That’s just a few of the elements of the real problem, and Obama is likely to never pay a price for those refusals because he is likely to revert back to his first religion, Islam, as soon as his term ends, leaving the American people to deal with the disaster he promulgated, supported, and funded.

In November we voters better be damn sure of the character and his/her love of our nation over personal gain and love of power that we elect to either reverse this insanity, or if our choice is incorrect, all us to be misled into extinction as an American nation.


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