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No Justice, No Peace.

I’ll share a story about my father, John B. McMillan, born and died , September 30.

He died at the hands of the SWAT team from Athens, Georgia, September 30, 1982, in Barrow, County, Georgia.

A Civil Rights Violation case was brought by Bobby Lee Cook, Sumerville, Georgia. From the Winder News, Vol. 86 , No. 3, October 27, 1982: ” Family and friends reported publicly after the shooting that at times McMillan would give the impression to some of being mentally unstable because of his intense interest in what he believed to be a conspiracy brought about by the collapse of the present world monetary system. Law enforcement officers were being pawns in the conspiracy. ”

A newsletter from , United GP Truth Church , March 17, 1982: “Only Gold and Silver Coin are legal tender, per art. 1 , sec. 10 of US Constitution .  I’m supposed to be some kind of a preacher , chosen, vocatus, called !  And I’ve been warned by my Elders to, “Cut out that Cuss’in” !  Well, I will.  But just this one last time I must tell you that, ” Men of Winder “…You are soo sorry !  You are sorry bastards with all your heart !  You are sorry bastards with all your soul…you are no good mother &#$!@’s in the morning, and you are no good mother &#$!@’sat night.  You are sorry bastards when you go to bed, and you are sorry bastards when you get up in the morning !  ( How your women stand your sorriness I don’t know )  May God take all the stiffness out of your pecker,  forever…what kind of men do you call yourselves.”

I’m a old man now, 65, living on disability.  My brother who filed the law suit committed suicide a few years ago.  Both of my children are on disability.  As this world we see before us goes down the tube, remember the patriot who has a gag rule on his story.  As this once ultra wealthy, well known celebrity in the Atlanta area would say,  “Give me Liberty or Give me Death “.  He was wearing a shirt with this on it and he was wearing his Rolex at the time when he went to feed the horses on that September morning. He was shot 18 times, excessive force, wrongful death.

I live next to the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina so that should I need a down hill run to a sovereign country I’ve got one.


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