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The No Fault Politicians:
When I read some of the comments that follow many of the posts that I share I am amazed at the number of folks whose reasoning ends in attacks against those of us who share information or offer opinion that might not include a solution that they agree with or offer no solution at all. To my mind that is what the purpose of sharing opinion is – to provoke discussion in the seeking of solutions.
If, in the aforementioned discussion, facts are presented that call into question the loyalties to America of politicians based on their actions that undermine the safety and security of Americans individually, the Republic collectively or the existence of US as a whole, then we are digging down the way I would have hoped. I have rarely read any comment that actually deigns to desire an unjust conclusion to the life of any politician who has shown themselves to be guilty of treason. In fact, I believe that the penalty for treason of any oath taker (including politicians) is death. It would appear then that most folks realize the magnitude of a crime that has in its nemesis the death penalty.
My question then becomes this – If a soldier deserts his post, aides the enemy, or refuses to execute the lawful orders given to them by a commanding officer are they not in violation of their oaths to the degree that a firing squad is their just desserts? How is it that a politician can escape the same fate if it is shown that their deliberate actions result in the deaths of Americans, the aiding and abetting of the enemy in a time of war or the undermining of the Constitution and the rights of all Americans?
I believe that it is time that politicians stop being treated as if they are immunized against the disease of accountability and are in the same class as an automobile driver who is covered with no fault insurance. They should pay swiftly for their perfidy, depending on the damage done to America, and We The People as individuals. A just hanging would of necessity be in the immediate future of some whose names jump readily to mind. Taking them out of the picture would rid America of some millstones from around our collective necks. As Jean Luc Picard would commandingly say – “Make it so”. Fault found, justice delivered, period.
– Dr. Jim Garrow –

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