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I see that the anti-gun fascists are out in force again in the aftermath of the Orlando terrorist attack. The lack of any serious response from the gun owning community is also common, and mirrors the lack of response by the GOP whenever the Democrats do something outrageous.

Once again, we have allowed a “Gun Free Zone” to disarm innocent citizens so they could be slaughtered like sheep. Where is our outrage? I think it is high time for us gun owners to respond vigorously for once. Let’s start a major, serious campaign to ban all “No Guns Allowed” signs in any places that don’t provide metal detectors and armed guards (and in the light of Orlando, I’m not sure how much good the latter are). Let’s get pro-active and start openly, and vigorously (and not just in response to anti-gun propaganda pieces), advocating, protesting, rallying, etc., for the removal of such signage and the state laws and policies that underlie them. Since it’s obviously impossible to stop bad guys from getting weapons, and since you can’t arrest folks until they actually commit a crime (not just talk about it), then we “Armed Americans” are, and must inevitably be, the primary backbone of the national defense against the kind of terrorism we just saw in Orlando. And, as it turns out, we are also likely to be just as effective against other kinds of “nut-job” public attacks, whatever may motivate them. WE, the ordinary armed American public, are America’s first, and best, defense against terrorism, just as we always have been, whether that terrorism came from British red-coats, hostile Indian groups, Mexican bandits, or simple American outlaws.

Criminals-LOVE-Gun-ControlDon’t fall for the “private property” trap. Any business that offers services to the public is required to follow many rules, private property or not. In general, they are required to offer their services to ALL of the public including all those specifically “protected” categories of people like LGBTs, racial minorities, religious minorities, women, people with disabilities, etc. So why can’t they be forced, under the same reasoning, to serve the Armed American community too? After all, we Americans are all supposed to be “equal under the law,” are we not? Then why should it take special legislation (which does not, and probably never will, exist) to make us gun owners and concealed-carry folks “special protected persons” just so we can exercise our Constitutional rights? And make no mistake, some businesses will have to be “forced” to remove their signage, because the cowards among our population, those who are “uncomfortable” in the presence of others who may be armed, are very vocal about their fears, and will work through groups like MDA and the Brady Bunch, to pressure businesses to ban guns. We gun owners will HAVE to be at least as vigorous and vocal, and yes, annoying, about making our own demands known. Our concerns about exercising our civil and human rights are equally – no, not just equally, but MORE important, than the mere “feelings” of those cowards! Yes, let’s call them what they are – cowards. Cowards who are afraid either to defend themselves, or to allow other, more courageous citizens, to defend themselves. As American citizens, we have a long history of strength and courage in dangerous times – and these are increasingly dangerous times. When we allow the more vocal cowards among us to set the standards for how the rest of us can behave, especially when those cowards want to restrict our rights simply because of their own irrational fears, we end up with all of America acting like cowards. God forbid!

So, let’s start speaking out loudly, everywhere we go, for an end to all “Gun Free Zones,” they are hurting our national security by providing potential terrorists with more “soft targets” to attack. Wherever you see someone has put up “No Guns Allowed” signage at their business, realize that they are, in their own small way, helping anti-American terrorists. Let’s start telling ‘em so! Will public protests against “Gun Free Zones” get bad press in the mainstream media? Probably! Cowards HATE being shown up for what they are.

They have the gall to call us bigots, but the mentality that put up “Whites Only” signs at lunch counters in the last century, is the exact same mentality that puts up “No Guns Allowed” signs in this one. It’s the kind of mentality that says, “I will ban anything that makes me feel “uncomfortable,” no matter how it may affect anyone else’s rights.” We didn’t put up with it then, and it’s even more important that we don’t put up with it now!

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