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For those who rebel against myth (the ungodly rebels) and rhetoric (the poet’s naysayers); for those too busy or in a hurry to wait for the dawn, when passions and exploits can be rendered to be of value or not by the light of day; this treatment of the sons and daughters of Marx is recommended. As Myth exposes Truth to the light; in similar fashion, Rhetoric undresses Logic or Reason. Myth and rhetoric draw the sun to us; propel the earthbound in their rotations through sense to nonsense to sense, mystery to revelation to mystery.

When you bring suit, say something like this: Our Father who is in Heaven.  Speaking of the progeny of Marx; it is beneficial when dealing with the worst of mankind, hoping for the best, we lift our thoughts and voices heavenward, where Our Father resides, spiritually speaking. Either we call on Him spiritually; or we vainly contend with ourselves. When we kneel we are advised to go to Our Father; not before the Judge or Executioner of servants and slaves; to He who is our relation; of whom it is said we are His beloved. Because fathers favor their own; offering only moderate interest for the welfare and fortune of others.

Hallowed be Your Name.  Neither Elizabeth Warren nor Hillary Clinton will ever hold the moral high ground in any debate, policy, or conflict; especially against Christians and Jews. Each and every son or daughter of Marx that attempts to hold public office in the United States of America, simply by making the attempt, has declared war on Americans because none of them intend to honor their oath to defend the Constitution of this Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic. None of them intend to defend our God-given unalienable rights. In fact, for the most part they ridicule and spit on the very Name of He who gifted our unalienable rights to all individuals, everywhere.

Your Kingdom come.  Neither Hillary nor Elizabeth is a legitimate American; born of Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, or Adams. They are regretfully, illegitimate children; and that through every fault of their own. “Of their own free will and accord” they chose their parentage; those from whom they are descendants. We who recognize and value our American heritage and its associated duties and responsibilities will never consider supporting or voting for Hillary or Elizabeth. We embrace America, the Land of Promise on this side of the River, on this side of the Revolution for Liberty we fought and won at great sacrifice.

Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Yet peering heavenward before mention of the mundane; at the crossroad, the crucial, suspense filled moment of life or death Heaven pauses. The battle of heavenward and earthward wills revealed and known to Him by our sweat, our tears, the internal conviction we have been betrayed, to fend for ourselves, alone. Faced with Liberty or Hillary, Trump or Death; is that the choice? Must it come to that? Will this be a Crucifixion with no possibility of a Resurrection? Are Romney and Kristol a way out? Can we avoid The Choice? Pick door number three? Finally it’s clear what the choice must be, to mirror Hell on earth with Hillary and Elizabeth, or to mirror Heaven on earth with someone made in the image of an American, perhaps tattered and torn, rough within and around the edges, but American nonetheless.

Give us this day our daily bread.  Finally, we move on to why we placed our call in the first place. The solution to Hillary and Elizabeth is a daily one, full of the details and insignificant potpourri of minutia that normally bore us. We would have preferred the big fix, the total system reformer, the one person who personifies the perfect constitutional conservative candidate, Ted Cruz. But he went into the fields; couldn’t locate any loaves, only crumbs. Disappointed, he returned home empty handed. Trump had no idea what a loaf looked like; loved the crumbs. Ate almost all of them before realizing he needed to return home with something. As in the Bible, no matter the number of crumbs, all who ate were satisfied.

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  Now there is some making up to do between Trump2016 and NeverTrump; since reaching the magic number 1237. Now Trump has something to pray, to entreat God concerning, “Forgive us our trespasses….” Cruz presumably, according to popular media opinion, will give thanks his own trespasses have been forgiven, having already met the prior condition, “….as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Meanwhile, Hillary and Elizabeth, without a prayer, smoothly sail into the Psalm chapter one fan, “like chaff the wind drives away.” That was in the vernacular of David’s day. Today’s Trumpish way of putting it is more…colorful?

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  A temptation of those who desire to lead is to make a point of amusing, impressing, or proving to the devil they possess greater than average authority or powers. Temptation is avoided when authority or powers are exercised while “under authority.” Pen and phone presidents yield to temptation every time they act. Whether they do or don’t do, they enforce on their subjects a replacement constitution relegating to him sole power and authority to enact or not to enact. The Legislative branch, meaningless under such a President, reveals to Americans at least, he is not under authority, has yielded to temptation, and is deliverable to the Evil One. Leaders without a prayer tend to lead in that general direction.

For Yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Amen.


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