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I’m not asking where will it end, or when will it end.  I am asking the Black community to step back, take a good long look, and be impartial and fair. Put the blame where it belongs.

Every time a Black person is injured, underlying forces get on the “wagon”; and all it takes is one conversation on a street corner, a pool hall, or a bar.  The words escalate, disagreement becomes anger, anger becomes rage, and rage is given an outlet by these forces that are trying to start a Race revolution. Or maybe they just want some cause to vent their frustration and pursue their need to be violent.  Their frustration is basically against themselves.  But do they realize it??

Slavery ended well over two hundred (200) years past.  Yes, it has taken a long time to understand and accept the plight of the Black man at those times.  Part of the problem may be that the Black community has never forgiven itself for not standing up strong and demanding, when it was time.
Many of the slaves didn’t want to be free.  They had what they perceived as a fairly good deal.  They had home, food, and protection.  Most felt very close to their “landowners”.  I am not saying it was a good life; but better than some had, and most were captured and forced to come to the ‘new world’. The future could have been better if patience and understanding had ruled.  I am also putting a great deal of blame on the White community of that time.

My perception of the causes is that the White North wanted cheap labor.  The South didn’t want to give up their slaves; mostly because they liked the cheap labor, and also they became close to the Black families they employed. They knew what life would be like for these folks if freed and attracted to the North. They then would know TRUE slavery.

Not having lived through that period of our history, we have to depend on the writings of the Historians.

As usual, the Politicians were influenced by the money of the Northern elite.  Consequently, a civil war was initiated, by what EXACT means, we will never know for sure. When one looks back at the wars that we have been involved with over the past several years, possibly going back to the Korean war of the ‘50’s, it is certainly easy to understand how facts can be manipulated.  In other words, I am saying, to the Politicians the “end justifies the means”. Our concern is that we do not know for certain just what the “end” is.

In the case of the Korean war, we were asked to help by the United Nations, and joined by several other countries.  It was a case of China and Russia, with their Communist agenda, assisting in the invasion of a smaller Country. This was not a case of manipulated facts.  South Korea was invaded by North Korea.  But North Korea was aided and abetted by China and Russia.  In my opinion this was a necessary endeavor by the United States Military, and those that joined us. What I don’t agree with, is the fact that our troops were stopped at a certain point named the 38th parallel. Perhaps if we had continued while we had them on the run, the world situation would be different today.  But one never knows what the future holds.  We can only assume according to what we perceive.

And to get back to my perception of the Race problems in our Society today, I think the Establishment in Washington uses this issue to further their agenda. Simply by accepting the term “Black”, they have influenced many in this Country to distinguish between BLACK & WHITE; an obvious opposition of colors. But the Human skin cannot, and should not, be separated by such a blatant difference.  Keep in mind that many of these people who are tagged as being “BLACK”, are not really black at all.  They are from vastly different areas of the World; India, Africa, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and many, many more. And for this reason also they should not be bunched together as a “African-American” culture.

If they have a problem identifying themselves as AMERICANS, which they are, then I suggest they re-study the History of their Country.  We are all Americans. We want the same opportunities, liberties and freedoms; and just because a certain faction feels oppressed, and uses whatever means they can to be recognized, is no reason to further divide our Society. There are organizations in this Country that thrive on violence. They use that opportunity to further their agenda.  Instead of using the opportunities of the United States of America to further their status and position, they are influenced by others who know just how to get “under the skin” of these folks.

Well, it’s got to be stopped.  And it should start with you and I.  Support our Police.  Speak up and speak out.  Use the media and your signs to tell the violent factions that we will not tolerate their behavior. If they attempt to infiltrate your peaceful protest, just sit down, right there. Don’t join them, no matter how much they taunt or threaten you.  They are not going to hurt you.  They need your protests to further their cause.

Work together in your communities to help your children rise above these types.  Encourage the education, deny the drugs.  Help your children get out from under the “GANG CULTURE”.  That is one of the worse scenario’s that anyone can foster on our youth. It has caused the death of hundreds of young children innocently standing by.

Let’s work together as Americans.  Let’s protect our youth for their future, and the future of our Republic. If many community leaders would take on this challenge, you would, I am sure, see a difference on our streets and in our Society.

GOD BLESS AMERICA. {all of us}


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