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I think I will make a resolution this year.

Usually I don’t do this, as I, like everyone else, seldom stick to it. But after reading the recent comments on the previous three Blog entries, I will probably swear off FACEBOOK, not join TWITTER, and ignore unpleasant comments on my Blog. The “experts” tell us children learn from what they see and hear, more than from what they are told. Give them a good book to read, and turn off the TV and video games once in a while.

One such comment on my Blog was so terrible, including nasty language, that I don’t intend to allow it to be printed in the Blog. This particular commenter has responded previously with some pretty nasty language. Kinda reminds me of all the recent political campaigns over the past year. When did an honest disagreement become such vile rhetoric. Has every one forgotten an honest and enjoyable debate. I had the good fortune of being a member on my High School debating team. It was good fun, and even made some lasting friendships.

When the “Greatest Generation” is mentioned, and what a good life in the fifties, I can only smile in remembrance, and heartily agree. When I first saw the mention of these time periods, I thought it too much like bragging. But the more I see and experience in this day and age, the more I agree. All of the technology, all of the inventions, and the many improvements that have been made, have not helped one bit to make the world a better place to live. Perhaps easier, but certainly not better. Now just maybe that phrase has some merit. When physical and mental effort was required, we seemed to have a better life.

It appears “leisure” is fodder for “lazy”, and “lazy” promotes procrastination. All of this lumped together could produce selfish behavior. We have nothing to think about but ourselves. We pay no attention to the world around us. And look what that has given us.

What is the solution to a lazy selfish attitude? Don’t know! Maybe let’s try this:

Turn off the electric blanket on your memory foam bed. Use a manual toothbrush. Try for a non-electric shave. Cook your breakfast on the stove and not the Microwave. Wash the dishes by hand. Don’t drive around the parking lot five times for a spot near the door.

I’ll expand on the New Year resolution. No FACEBOOK, no TWITTER, and stop the procrastination. This should eliminate “lazy”. My bywords will be “…get-er-done…”, and “…do it now…”. The TV will be easy to back away from. It seems like professional porn to me. Instead of just letting your imagination wander, we are seeing as close to the actual “act” as one can get without complete involvement! I actually read an article the other day where it is being said that some actors actually complete the scene.

If I want to watch that kind of TV, I will subscribe to the professional channels that produce such.

Actually, it is so easy for youngsters to learn all they want to know from the TV. Recently I was researching for a particular type of wood for a project. I wanted to know about imported wood from another country. So in my search box I typed “rubber tree”. Well, do I need to go into detail to inform you of what site I came upon? It was a shock. Even to me.

Discretion is not practiced. The importance of profit surpasses all else. Our Capitalistic System has it’s downfalls, does it not? Many have abused the tenants of the system, and put the amassing of profit above all else. Self control and cash management should be our leads. Credit cards are a dangerous luxury. They allow us to live above and beyond our means, until we get to a point of no return. We owe more than we can ever pay.

Well, I will try to stick to my resolution: ‘less public media; less TV; more reading; park a mile from the door (I exaggerate!),; use the mile for a nice long walk on the weekend.

In short, get back into living life.

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