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On Friday, FBI Director James Comey, sent out a memo to his staff and Congressional leaders, saying that Thursday, new emails had been uncovered in an unrelated investigation of the Clinton emails scandal. These emails, could have significance to the previously closed investigation and the Director had made the decision to reopen the case. He said that he was informing Congress of the new information because of the political sensitivity.

Fox News, obtained a copy of the memo. In it, Comey said that they would normally not inform Congress about on going investigations but because the emails appear to be pertinent to the investigation, he agreed the agency should take the appropriate steps to obtain and review them. He continued, that he believed it would be misleading to the American people, if he did not follow through and update the case, which had previously been closed. He claims to be trying to strike a balance and not create a misleading impression, even though there was a risk of being misunderstood as to the release of the information this close to the election.

comey letter

The new emails, were discovered, during the Anthony Weiner investigation. Weiner is being investigated for sexting with a 15 year old girl. Weiner, as you probably know, is the estranged husband of top Clinton aide, Huma Abedin who were still together at the time of the private email server being used by Clinton. Abedin among others, has been scrutinized for her handling of the classified emails being sent and stored on Clinton’s server.

This could be a significant development in the presidential campaign, if these emails contain more classified information. At this time, the FBI has not released the emails or indicated what they contain.

Comey informed eight Republican lawmakers and that they warranted another look and has decided to reopen the investigation. Considering his behavior during the earlier investigation, this is a change of character for him. In July, Comey stated that there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute anyone involved in the case. He said that there wasn’t any evidence to show any criminal intent, even though the statute governing classified information, does not require there to be any intent. Even though Comey stated that Clinton was “extremely careless” in her handling of the emails, the Attorney General, Loretta lynch, followed suit and did not file any charges.

Clinton held a press conference Friday afternoon. She has called for the FBI to release “all the information that is has. We’ve heard the rumors, we don’t know what to believe and I’m sure there will be even more rumors. That’s why it is incumbent upon the FBI to tell us what they’re talking about.”

It is 11 days ‘til the election and this is a bombshell being dropped. Comey noted that this information may not be significant but did not elaborate. Clinton scrambled to impress that she didn’t know what was happening and was in the dark.

Trump was at a rally in Iowa and believes that Clinton was trying to politicize the investigation, claiming that Comey had only notified Republican leaders. In fact, Comey had notified leaders of both parties. Trump also said, that the “FBI would never reopened his case at this time unless it were an egregious criminal offense.”

Democrats continued their crying and criticism of Comey, releasing the memo without detailing what they had, claiming he was trying to influence the election.

California Senator, Dianne Feinstein (D) is quoted as being shocked and “Without knowing how many emails are involved, who wrote them, when they were written or their subject matter, it’s impossible to make any informed judgment on this development. The FBI has a history of extreme caution near Election Day so as not to influence the results. Today’s break from that tradition is appalling.” Others said that Comey’s letter was so vague and had limited information, that it was creating rampant speculation, leaks and wild accusations. They to want Comey to release more information about the emails. That way they can circle the wagons to defend Clinton.

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-WI), said that Clinton had nobody to blame but herself and called again for Clinton’s classified briefings to be suspended. “[Clinton] was trusted with some of our nation’s most important secrets, and she betrayed that trust by mishandling highly classified information.”

Clinton knows that her call to the FBI to release all they have, isn’t going to happen in the middle of an investigation. By her doing this, it puts a negative light on the FBI, making it look even more like a hit against Clinton, possibly making it look like they announced just enough to effect but not to inform. Creating the appearance of a conspiracy. Another attempt to deflect away from her criminal activity.

Comey said that he is not able to provide a time line for the investigation but that it would not likely be done before the election. That is very convenient for Clinton. If she wins, who in their right mind would bring charges against a sitting President, that is a Democrat following another crooked Democrat’s administration.


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