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By Jack Gist,

Putting people in cages after they illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border is old news. In fact, for Democrats, it’s so old it isn’t worth noticing anymore.

Retired ICE official John Fabbricatore posted photos on X on Wednesday showing illegal immigrants detained in Arizona.

“Hundreds in custody on top of what was caught last night,” Fabbricatore stated, adding that Border Patrol is “overwhelmed and this administration is letting this happen with no support!”

Where’s Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when you need her? The Democrat from New York is known for her outrage when the government puts people in cages at the border.

When AOC visited the Texas border as a congressional candidate back in 2018, she was so horrified by what she saw that she famously did a photo shoot showcasing her distress.

AOC went so far as to accuse former President Donald Trump of running “concentration camps” at the border, according to CNN.

She wasn’t alone.

Democratic lawmakers like Sen. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland and Rep. Peter Welch of Vermont also visited the border in 2018 and told sob stories about “kids in cages.”

Where are they now? Why aren’t they outraged by the Biden administration caging migrants?

Because the shock and anger were put-ons for political expediency. They don’t care about illegal immigrants in cages — but they can pretend to if a Republican administration put them there.

Social media users wasted no time pointing out the hypocrisy:

Remember, Trump was trying to curb illegal immigration, not grow it like a tomato in a greenhouse as Biden is.

Now that Biden has opened the border to illegal migrants and in so doing encouraged them to cross over and sit in these cages, you would think AOC would be doubly outraged. She’s not.

Somehow, Democrats are able to maintain lockstep on illegal immigration when they know people are getting hurt, even killed.

A minimum of 853 illegal migrants died trying to cross the southern border in 2022. That makes it the deadliest year ever. I don’t hear any D.C. Democrats lamenting that fact.

Why? Because they don’t care. If they cared at all, they’d try to do something about it. They don’t.

They ignore it because their team is in charge.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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