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Roger Zakheim and Michael Graham are members of the shrinking NeverTrump group of disgruntled insiders who fear their loss of influence in a Trump administration more than they care about our nation. Both of these NeverTrumpers were recent guests on FOX News.

Zakheim is one of the 50 signatories of a statement that, quite frankly, provides no substance beyond opinions and makes a boatload of assumptions based on nothing more than the fantasies of whoever wrote the statement whose obvious purpose was to make a crude attempt to discredit Donald Trump.

The statement is a classic case of quantity over quality by using far too many words to say much too little.

These 50 so-called “national security experts” claim that Donald J. Trump is more dangerous to our national security than is Hillary Clinton, a thoroughly corrupt serial liar.

Hillary Clinton, responsible for destabilizing the Middle East, severely harming the interests of both the United States and Israel while illegally using easily-hacked private nonsecure servers to handle highly classified documents and conduct official government business. By her actions, Clinton exposed highly sensitive critical information to international intelligence agents. Clinton’s illegal servers have severely compromised the ability of the United States to gather intelligence and may well have already led to at least six deaths (four killed at poorly protected Benghazi plus two highly placed CIA assets, one who was executed in Iran and one who was assassinated in Afghanistan after their identities were referenced in material passing through Clinton’s illegal nonsecure server). These six deaths can be linked to the reckless illegal actions of Hillary Clinton who continues to this date to lie about her actions.

What other nation will share information with our intelligence agencies if Hillary is President when they know that Hillary’s reckless violation of our national security laws is responsible for exposing vital intelligence assets?

Would you share your own very private information with Hillary Clinton?

Yet these angry self-important insiders who fear Donald Trump make the bizarre claim that Trump somehow presents a greater danger to our nation’s security than does the thoroughly corrupt Hillary Clinton, known to have already committed acts of espionage against the US.

Just why should we believe these 50 NeverTrumpers if they cannot even present a lucid and concise argument to support their position?

The real threat to our national security that a Hillary Clinton presidency would create certainly overwhelms any qualms these 50 self-serving influence peddlers may have about Donald Trump’s qualifications.

Evidently, Graham is a disciple of the seemingly boundless foolishness of the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol. He is one of a dwindling number of NeverTrumpers, none of whom have anything of substance to say, are severely out of touch with reality and fail to grasp the obvious fact that either Clinton or Trump will be the next President.

There are only three options registered voters have on election day:  Stay home, vote for a third party candidate, or actually participate in the election by voting for one of the two eventual winners.

Think about these choices.

Staying home does nothing to stop Hillary Clinton.

Voting for a third party candidate is foolish and is not an act of principle, it is an act of denial.


Because it means such a person cast a senseless vote that had no direct bearing on the electoral outcome.

Reality check:  No third party candidate will win a single state’s electoral votes.

Once aroused from the delusional notion that there is a meaningful choice beyond the two major party candidates, the choice becomes easy.

Be sure to not lose sight of the reality that, in terms of the electoral vote tally, the November result will take this form:

Trump: ???
Clinton: ???
Third party candidates: 0

That is the cold reality.

So all those people who foolishly toss away their vote with the absurd claim that they are “voting their conscience” need to take a cold shower, wake up, and take a strong dose of reality.

Anyone who drinks the Kool-AId rubbish that Graham tried to peddle on FOX News when he claimed Donald Trump is a New York City liberal who will continue federal funding of Planned Parenthood and govern to the Left of Hillary Clinton, is either severely demented or has been in a coma.

The choices are clear.

Be delusional and sit idly by, thinking the election doesn’t matter, or that your vote won’t matter because you believe there is no difference between the two candidates.

Or, equally delusional, waste a vote on a candidate who will get zero electoral votes.

Or choose to live in the real world and acknowledge the huge differences between Trump and Clinton, and cast a meaningful vote to prevent the thoroughly corrupt serial liar, Hillary Clinton, from ever being elected President.

As is always the case, intelligent voters will choose between the two major party candidates, like them or not. The delusional won’t bother to register to vote, or if registered, they’ll waste an opportunity to choose between two very different candidates.

Those who are not paying attention, or, perhaps worse, who are relying only on newspapers or watching “the usual suspects” of TV news, really don’t know what this election is about, nor do they really understand much about the two candidates.

It is important to keep in mind that news sources today are nearly as corrupt as Clinton and are heavily biased toward radical Left candidates. Today’s news reporters and journalists are a testimony to the destructive nature of our failing public school and university system, where politically correct rubbish is encouraged and truly free and open debate of issues is rejected in favor of “safe spaces” and other such nonsense.

While the media ignore mountains of evidence of massive Clinton corruption and ongoing serial dishonesty, they create false narratives in an attempt to define Trump as negatively as possible. They then blow their own false narratives way out of proportion and devote vast amounts of coverage to their own fiction.

It is no wonder that young people are uninformed and believe the “tooth fairy” politics of Bernie Sanders.

While the Sanders campaign correctly identified the many problems this nation faces, it is unfortunate that Bernie Sanders is ill-equipped to offer solutions that would achieve the ends he sought.

Sadly, many young Americans have been engrained with a distrust for a free enterprise economy because of the rigged system created by big government in collusion with some corrupt big businesses.

These voters haven’t learned that there is a huge difference between “big business” and free enterprise capitalism. That difference has been created and nurtured by a government that governs far beyond its constitutional authority, regulating every facet of life.

Most news sources today promote so-called “Progressive” views that hide their anti-Constitutional ambitions while quietly promoting urban voter farms that keep minorities and the poor in dependency communities (Democratic Party voter “plantations”) characterized by high drug use, children out of wedlock, poor education, and little opportunity for self-improvement while keeping minorities dependent on a host of welfare programs designed to lock people into dependency so they will always vote heavily for the hand that feeds them while that same hand simultaneously locks them in poverty by choking off any opportunity of escape their dependency.

So ignore the news from “the usual suspects” because it is thoroughly biased and not reliable.

Instead, ask yourself:

  • Which electable candidate is more likely to bring economic prosperity to the Untied States?
  • Which is more likely to deal effectively with national defense against both domestic and international threats?

Economy and Security are the only issues that really matter. Everything else is noise.

That any rational person who has objectively looked at the evidence (unfiltered by the corrupt news media) and then does not strongly recognize that Donald Trump is clearly the far better choice between the two candidates (or, if you prefer, the lesser of two evils) is mind-boggling and defies reason.

A few examples of Hillary Clinton’s corruption and lack of qualifications that should compel voters to reject her:

  • Hillary Clinton has never achieved anything of significant benefit to the people on her own (note that holding an office, being elected to office, or receiving her Party’s nomination are not achievements, they are only opportunities to achieve).
  • Hillary Clinton’s “cattle futures trade” whereby she made a single trade in her life that netted her an impossible return that was actually a payoff while her husband was Governor of Arkansas.
  • Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater scam whereby she and her husband operated an Arkansas real estate scheme to trusting buyers and using a purchase contract rather than a mortgage. That allowed them to immediately void the sale for a single late payment, keeping everything the “buyer” had paid, and then resell the property to another buyer. In other words, buyers accumulated no equity until they completed the terms of the purchase contract without being late on a single payment.
  • Hillary Clinton’s involvement with the Clinton Foundation that gives just 10% to 15% to the needy and that has been deeply implicated in a scheme to redirect Haiti donations to the Clinton Foundation that were intended to support Haitian earthquake victims. Instead, funds were used to build a textile factory in northern Haiti (unaffected by the earthquake) that benefited Clinton Foundation contributors looking for a cheap source of textile product.
  • Hillary Clinton’s “Pay to Play” operation while Secretary of State that sold State Department approvals for projects to foreign interests in exchange for massive contributions to the Clinton Foundation (see Clinton Cash video). We now discover that Obama’s Department of Justice spiked any investigation into this massive corruption whose evidence is overwhelming.
  • Hillary Clinton’s stint as Secretary of State whereby the Middle East and North Africa have been seriously destabilized with regime change in Egypt and Libya that have created greater danger to both Israel and the United States.
  • As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s role in destabilizing the Syrian government, providing the Russians an opportunity to influence events in the Middle East and creating a void into which ISIS rapidly expanded.
  • Hillary Clinton is a serial liar who has repeatedly lied about:
    • Her claim an obscure video was behind the Benghazi attack even though she was well aware it had been a terrorist attack,
    • Her knowingly compromising national security and committing espionage against the United States by exposing classified information at the highest level to foreign intelligence operations by deliberately operating her illegal nonsecure email servers during her four years as Secretary of State. This illegality was designed to allow Clinton to control her emails relating to the “pay to play” scam she operated that funneled massive donations to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for special favors to corporations and foreign governments.
    • Her knowingly destroying thousands of official documents on her illegal servers to avoid Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) compliance.
    • Her involvement as creator and chief operative of the “bimbo eruption” team who slandered the many women who came forward with verified claims her husband, Bill Clinton, had sexually assaulted them.

These are just a selection of the most egregious examples or her corruption and serial dishonesty.

Is this really the kind of person we want to represent the United States?

If so, we’ve come a long way from “Honest Abe” Lincoln.


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