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Never Trump? NEVER CNN!!!

As a potential voter in the presidential election you may be interested in news that is factual, fair, and analytical. Unfortunately most media will not deliver. Perhaps some journalists are incapable of fulfilling their responsibility. Some who fall short seemingly take pleasure in their bias. They actively campaign for the liberal cause, in this case Clinton.
CNN is one media example of extreme disdain for fairness. In recent weeks all pretense of fair news or commentary has been replaced by self righteous condemnation of conservative thinking. One possible reason is the indoctrination of political correctness that causes journalists to believe their own spin. They seem to have no shame and actually act surprised that a normal person does not hear, or interpret, words through their prism of bias.

Some criteria for judging what is not fair and not analytical:

* Major stories are omitted or mentioned only in passing. Why? Stories that are negative to democrats, liberals, and/or Clinton, or on the other hand positive to Trump are suppressed.
In other words, stories are judged not by merit, but by usefulness to Clinton’s election.

* Minor stories become headline news for days if negative to Trump, such as Trump’s second amendment comment.

* Do not go to the source – or worse yet do not believe the source – if it is Trump. Trump’s second amendment comment was understood by his audience, taken at face value; his audience knew that political power is the recourse to maintain gun rights. The media would have none of that. He must have been threatening Hillary! Why not ask Donald?

*Do not tell the truth if it undermines liberal talking points. It was reported repeatedly that Secret Service talked to Trump about a “threat’ he was falsely accused of aiming at Clinton. Trying to legimitize their faulty position, some in the media continued this lie until a federal official through Reuters issued a statement that this was not true. Has there been investigative reporting to explain how and why this happened?

*Besides stacking the deck 4 to 1 in favor of liberal commentators and guests, conservatives are silenced in more blatant ways. At times the mic cuts out. Other times, they are shouted down or told to stop talking.

What can a concerned citizen do? Stop channel surfing! It seems interesting at times to understand the spin and justification for dishonest reporting, but it is always more of the same.
Say NEVER to CNN. Ratings matter and there is strength in numbers. Support honest media.


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