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Netflix’s is promoting Anti Semitism, Racism, and Islam and to help destroy America.

Quantico: error number four: Who pick the Muslims refuges and ignored the Christens refugees who the Muslims are murdering, it is call GENOCIDE. The Muslim Brotherhood hand pick the refuges gave the list to the UN who then gave it to Obama’s America. Now we have “Muslim refugees” here in America who are Islamic Soldiers that use the tactic of terrorism to fight and kill the infidels, you and me. I was wrong about the forth monkey. The forth Monkey is brain dead.

Quantico: error number three: who have been all the terrorists? The Muslims. Are you afraid to say? It seems I am writing to the three monkeys: See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil. On no another error four monkeys. Think no Evil.

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Quantico has made another error: Terrorism is simple. Haven’t they watching the news. Oh, I forgot America News don’t report the terrorist attacks in Europe or Israel. Knife attacks, vehicle attack, a small bomb in bus, shooting a bunch of people or children. Or a simple big one, bombs in bus in four or cities going off at the same time, or another simple one shooting up a school bus.

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I guess Anti Terrorist Agent knows like me but I am former Anti Terrorist Agent.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Robin Rosenblatt

Shalom, Israel is facing a major emergency: War may be coming to Israel. Israeli reports Hezbollah the Lebanese terrorist group is threatening Israel with 100,000 rockets and missiles, including sophisticated long-range rockets. This can cause massive damage and major forest fires in the Galilee. Do you want forest fires at the backs of our soldiers at the same time they are defending Israel against our enemies? If not help the Israel Longhorn Project. Texas Longhorns eat the shrubs that help cause fires. These desert shrub burn at a higher temperature igniting the trees. With holistic grazing we can bring Israel’s soils back to life causing the shrubs to die and green grass to grow. Texas Longhorns, lived in Israel 2,000 years ago they help us solve many problems. Bring Texas or Israel Longhorns home. The recent threats and anti-Semitic acts are directly related to our community’s lack of unity and support for Israel. It shows our enemies that we are weak. The stronger we are, the more we are respected! A simple way of showing our strength is by helping The Israel Longhorn Project. The first year we need $120,000 to start. The second year we will need $140,000 and the following three years we will need $315,000 to make project self-supporting. To do this we need 12 of you to donate $50,000 each or 600 of you to donate $1000. Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc. Animal Science, former Israeli Soldier and past Anti Terrorist Agent The Israel Longhorn Project Nonprofit 501(c) 3 #74-3177354 7777 Bodega Ave. S - 107 Sebastopol, CA 95472 Tele: 650.631.9270 / cell: 650.339.0269 [email protected]


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