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The other day both here at ipatriot and at Kingscalendar I published an article relating that twelve months ago, political analyst Ambassador (ret) Yoral Ettinger, in an article titled “What makes Trump tick (so far)?” provided then current facts and figures indicating that Donald Trump would probably win the election.


Today, I want to draw your attention to another article Ambassador Ettinger wrote titled Biblical Moses, the foundation of US – Israel Ties which provides further insight into why Trump won the election. Furthermore, it provides insight into the biggest single problem plaguing America today, ‘the rejection of historical culture.’


Whilst President Obama and the Democrats were doing their best to be ‘inclusive’ which reads as ‘rejecting Christianity in favor of Islam,’ the American people fundamentally rejected the destruction of biblical Christianity.


Ambassador Ettinger in his October 23, 2016 article pointed to the June 27, 2005 US Supreme Court’s upholding of the constitutionality of the 6-foot-high Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol. He quotes Chief Justice Rehnquist who said:

“Religion has been closely identified with our history and government…. Acknowledgements of the role played by the Ten Commandments in our nation’s heritage are common throughout America…. Since 1935, Moses has stood, holding two tablets that reveal portions of the Ten Commandments written in Hebrew, among other lawgivers in the south frieze [of the US Supreme Court….] Representations of the Ten Commandments adorn the metal gates lining the north and south sides of the Courtroom as well as the doors leading into the Courtroom. Moses also sits on the exterior east façade of the [US Supreme Court] holding the tablets of the Ten Commandments…. Since 1897, a large statue of Moses holding the Ten Commandments, alongside a statue of the Apostle Paul, has overlooked the rotunda of the Library of Congress’ Jefferson Building. A medallion with two tablets depicting the Ten Commandments decorates the floor of the National Archives. Inside the Justice Department, a statue entitled ‘The Spirit of Law’ has two tablets representing the Ten Commandments lying at its feet. In front of the Ronald Reagan Building stands another sculpture that includes a depiction of the Ten Commandments. So too a 24-foot-tall sculpture, outside the Federal Courthouse, depicting, among other things, the Ten Commandments and a cross. Moses is also prominently featured in the Chamber of the United States House of Representatives…. Moses was a lawgiver as well as a religious leader, and the Ten Commandments have undeniable historical meaning….”


Ambassador Ettinger also refers to April 8, 2015, when Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson, signed into law a bill instructing the state to erect a privately-funded Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol in Little Rock. The Arkansas State House and the Senate approved the bill 72:7 and 27:3 respectively. He further points out that President Truman stated: “The fundamental basis of this nation’s laws was given to Moses on the Mount…” A century earlier, President Lincoln referred to Exodus, Chapter 20, the Ten Commandments, as the summation of his theology.


Throughout the Obama administration, the emphasis has been on injecting the influence of a foreign religion into American life, but with the soon to be presidency of Donald Trump, there is hope that this trend will stop.

(National Security Analyist of the Clarion Project Ryan Mauro, in a one minute video at YouTube discusses the significance of who Trump has chosen for his administration, and this specifically in relation to the Muslim infiltration of America, specifically Muslim groups whose beliefs are antithetical to the values of the USA. Jennifer Breedon from Clarion Project has also published a video with advice for President Elect Trump)


What Ambassador Ettinger has pointed out in his article and in his videos is that the foundations of America are strongly built on the Old Testament – the Bible – and not only does the fostering of Islam in the United States deviate from American sense of identity; undermining its political identity, republican and democratic values, and the basic right of self-determination upon which the republic was built, but so too does the liberal progressive’s ideological totalitarian beliefs.


Neither Islam nor Liberal Progressivism believes in the individual’s right to thought, belief and self determination.


To quote Ambassador Ettinger:

The legacy of Moses, the definitive law-giver, has been such an archetype, an integral part of US cultural, ethical, legal and political history, highlighting Judeo-Christian ethical principles that shaped the USA and forged the foundation of its special ties with the Jewish State. Therefore, most Americans – from the early Pilgrims, through the Founding Fathers, until today – hold Israel in high regard, consider the Jewish state more than just a foreign policy issue.


President Obama’s eight years of social experimenting have upset half the population of the USA, and if the USA is to continue, it must do so mindful of the effect that Marxist social experimenting has on society. Whatever may come of Donald Trump’s presidency, I think it is a safe bet that ‘proud’ Americans will no longer be ignored by the politicians whose spineless nature typically folds before the threats of ideological terrorists.


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