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It’s Sunday, so allow me to share a parable.

Just to annoy some of his other neighbors, a man lights a house on fire that’s a few houses down from his.  The fire has its intended effect, as the other neighbors flee, but the fire spreads so that now the man that lit the fire in the first place is threatened.  One of the other residents of the man’s house says it’s time to take serious measures to make sure the fire doesn’t burn down his house, too.  Other residents of the house, insanely, say that to take such measures would be disrespectful to the fire, which has no intention of burning down their house.

The characters in the parable are as follows: the man that started the fire is the United States government.  The fire is radical Islam.  The man that says it’s time to make sure the fire doesn’t burn down his own house is Donald Trump.  And those who defend the dignity of the fire are critics of Trump’s proposed Muslim ban.

America is full of brainwashed idiots, but those who are willing to face the truth know that America created Islamic terrorism in the late 1970s for the purpose of defeating the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.  The plan worked; and it worked so well, America decided that these terrorists were a fantastic asset to keep around.  Sort of a junk yard dog that America could let loose every now and then in order to cow former client states of the USSR.  Thus, in sequence, we have Afghanistan, Kosovo, Egypt, Syria, and Libya, all former client states of the USSR, ripped apart and afflicted by America’s junkyard dog, which America and her proxies, mostly Gulf states, feeds with money and arms, while petting it and whispering promises of independence from evil atheistic regimes into its crooked ears.

Of course, sometimes a junkyard dog bites the hand that feeds it.  That’s how we got 9/11.

Trump didn’t start the fire.  America did.  Trump is now saying simply, “we can’t have that fire here, too.  Put up the asbestos.”  Why should the rights of the fire come into this?

It would be great, I think, if Trump also said, “we are leaving the Middle East.  There is nothing there that we need.  We have all the energy we need.  And we don’t need to rule the world.  So, instead of making them hate us more, and instead of using their hatred to help destroy the Middle East, we are going to leave them alone.  Junkyard dog: starve to death, for all we care.  We never really liked you anyway.”

But just for saying, “put up the asbestos,” Trump is criticized as a racist.  That is, simply, insane.


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