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Our Biblical Foundation In Politics — Part 9

In remembering what the Founders used to pick their leaders we need to analyze that philosophy a little.  They followed the guidelines of Exodus 18:21  Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness;.  Notice that God put an able man before a man that feared God.  Some would say they would rather have a man that feared God as his best characteristic but there are men who fear God but are completely incompetent. They are in positions that they are not qualified to handle.  We Americans have done that very thing.  Many have been God fearing people but grossly incompetent.  Obama was not God fearing, was not a Christian and was totally incompetent.  Bill Clinton was not God fearing and was out for personal power.  Jimmy Carter claimed to be a Christian but he hated Israel and was a complete phony.  FDR was God fearing but not capable of doing the job he was elected to do.  Woodrow Wilson was a racist dirt bag who segregated our military which hadn’t been segregated since the Civil War.

Ronald Reagan was touted by the left as a bad B movie actor.  He was the former governor of California and made great progress as governor. Gave the State a surplus when there was a deficit when he took office, cut welfare rolls by almost 50% and created an economy that created jobs.  When he proposed tax cuts as president he was mocked for saying the tax cuts would increase government income.  Some have said in increased government income 91%.  Real economic growth averaged 3.2 percent during the Reagan years versus 2.8 percent during the Ford-Carter years and 2.1 percent during the Bush-Clinton years.  Real median family income grew by $4,000 during the Reagan period after experiencing no growth in the pre-Reagan years; it experienced a loss of almost $1,500 in the post-Reagan years.  Interest rates, inflation, and unemployment fell faster under Reagan than they did immediately before or after his presidency. 1

Jimmy Carter was supposed to be a wizard at economics.  But in his four years in office inflation went from 8.8% to 14% in 1980. 2 And interest rates went from around 10% to 21%.  His attempt to bring more money into the government by regulations and raising taxes did just the opposite, as it has done all through out our history.

These are the things that we need to pay close attention to when electing someone.  Reagan had a track record of creating a good economy, but media ignored it.  The people won that battle because we began paying attention again. This is what the Founders designed for us.  A system that will work IF it is worked correctly.  We see the same situation with Obama and Trump.  Obama was a community organizer.  Never worked for a paycheck and never had to do anything that supplied a paycheck to someone else.  He was totally clueless as to how an economy worked.  He initiated an average of 65 new regulations a day for every day he was in office.  This created a massive burden on businesses costing trillions of dollars.  Trump understands how businesses work and how the economy works.  He has removed, so far, 1.6 trillion in regulations which alone has spurred the economy to record heights.  This is what is meant by ‘able men’.  This is why we need to vet everyone from the dog catcher to the president.

I bring these points up because having a Christian vote doesn’t always mean anything if there is biblical illiteracy.  America is rife with biblical illiteracy. In the 2012 election we have the second highest evangelical voter turnout in the last 35 years, but we saw voter initiatives like homosexual marriage pass in 4 states, gambling passed in all states it was on the ballot, six states voted to legalize marijuana, assisted suicide passed in several states, defunding planned parenthood measures were voted down, some states even voted down the support of religious liberty!  This all happened because the Christians who voted were biblically illiterate.  Churches today, for the most part, won’t preach biblical principles because the preacher is afraid he’ll offend someone.  Preach against divorce and there will be those who will get offended.  George Barna has done thousands of polls over the years and states this: “Of the more than 70 moral behaviors we study, when we compare Christians to non-Christians, we rarely find substantial differences.” As an example, all we have to do is look at divorce rates.  Among born-again Christians it’s 27% but it’s only 21% among atheists and agnostics.  Here’s another one that will have you scratching your head, 250,000 born-again Christians get abortions every year! Among the active homosexuals, 27% are born-again Christians.  There is no difference in the percentage of born-again Christians and non-believers that deal with astrology, fortune telling and psychics.  People call themselves Christians but do not follow the principles laid out in scripture.  We are too busy with other things to study God’s precepts.  Churches won’t offend the sinner, so we have a nation ignorant of real biblical principles.

Our society has allowed God to be removed, secularism to be taught, religion to be mocked and even outlawed in some places all because we have failed to stay engaged in the civil arena and did not fight back when our rights were taken from us.  Our currant president has had nothing but opposition from both parties since he was elected.  He stood up for Christians, the Constitution and the rule of law and most people in office oppose him. 3  This is how far we have come.  We have a long way to go to get back to any semblance of what our Founders gave us.  We have people in high offices that are engaged against our culture and way of life.  Fired FBI Director James Comey is being accused of working with ISIS members in a terror plot on American soil.

The lawyer representing the security guard shot in the 2015 terror attack on a community center in Garland, Texas is suing the FBI for allowing the attack to occur. According to the lawyer, the “FBI helped the terrorists obtain a weapon that was used in the attack by lifting a hold during a background check, incited the terrorist to attack the Garland event, and even sent an agent to accompany the terrorists as they carried out the attack,” reports The Washington Examiner. They are seeking over $8 million in damages.4

Now more than ever we have to be engaged in the political process and thoroughly vet the people we send to represent us.  The very existence of America depends on it.

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