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“The Following Communique Classified URGENT from Joint Chiefs of Staff Action Officer (Ret.)”

Received earlier today an update of the ongoing preparation of a gigantic operation that  is now ready to deploy on the streets of America. A temporary Martial Law will be declared that will last 30 to 90 days as the Military and enforcement agencies arrest up to 1,300,000 treasonous individuals who were trying to steal our country from us.  Many pedophiles have already been arrested and incarcerated. Details of who some of those arrested will be forthcoming, and some of you will be in shock.

The 800 FEMA camps and extra prison space will be utilized to house these traitors until trials.

Due to the large number of arrests which will entail a large number of trials, a special Executive Order was executed revising legal procedures so that Military Tribunals will be held with some to be executed for their committing crimes of treason.

We are taking our country back and dealing with tyranny like our forefathers did at great expense.  America is now the longest lasting country that respects the freedoms of the individual and demands respect of officials of this nation to the Constitution.  The game of treason is ending.

G.H.W. Bush and family, Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, Schumer and a whole host of other well known names along with a whole host of corporations will be shut down during this corrective exercise!  It could be by this month’s end. Clean-up expected to take four days. Stay out of the military’s way and enjoy the popcorn and movies while your country is being cleaned up.

Be prepared for 30 to 90 days with food, water and medicine.  Have extra for family and neighbors.  Check on the elderly to be sure they are cared for and not in need of anything.  Let’s help each other get through this transition back to our Constitutional Republic.  Keep your vehicle topped off with gas for any unexpected emergency.  Stay at home rather than making trips to movies, shopping sprees, etc.  as you don’t know what may occur in your area, and you don’t want to wind up in the middle of any unpleasant action even though it would be innocence on your part.  IF you do have to venture out, take your ‘papers’ with you in case you are stopped by police or military at checkpoints (drivers license, birth certificate, auto insurance, etc. for ID of who you are and where you live.)

Pray for the protection of our President and his family and for those working with and for him. Pray for the individuals who will be at risk as they pursue the traitors to make the arrests (police, national guard, militia and military). Pray that the people of this nation will repent for the sins of the nation and for their own personal sins.  And don’t forget to thank our Lord and Savior for His patience with us, His mercy, His love for us, and for His protection and provision during this time.

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