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“As Urged By We The People!”

As President Trump meritoriously drains the swamp, we must also turn his attention to that which is lurking beyond the Swamp…

*  Chemtrails daily over North America – including those strategically drifting southward from Canada – must be considered enemy and hostile aggressions!  Aluminum, barium, strontium, metallic particulates, even known AIDS blood cells in these chemtrails, crossing the human blood/brain barrier are an urgent national threat!  These are globalist aggressions in North American skies, daily!

President Trump must keep on 24/7 standby USAF fighter pilots, including on patrols above the clouds, to now arrest and prosecute – indeed, shoot down – all planes spraying chemtrails through nano-tubing, usually from mixtures loaded at airports from Rothschild-owned Shell “fuel” trucks.  (Related to this is why globalist Rothschild owns most of the Weather Channel worldwide.)

In league with this is HAARP in Alaska, exploiting ELF waves in conjunction with these chemtrails sprayed too often into the jet stream.  HAARP must be severely restricted from any weather modification, serving as a momentary profiteering scheme in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where globalists “hedge their bets” with weather derivatives (beware of anything which says “derivative”) to profiteer from known-in-advance HAARP and Shell weather manipulation.

*  North Korea has 2 to 4 flights daily directly over Kansas.  The risk of their dropping an EMP is too great.  The USAF fighter pilots must also be on 24/7 standby to deal with this behavior.

*  We do know at some point Asian forces will antagonize the West Coast.  Under President Trump, the Long Beach port must immediately be secured.  American forces will beat these Asian forces back, but the time is now for maximum preparation…  Or, as predicted by some, the September/October 2017 time slot may see these Asian antaonisms on the West Coast.

*  National Guard and American Armed Forces need to be immediately withdrawn – from their assigned areas for guarding Poppy Bush’s opium crops – and brought immediately home!  The American taxpayer is  not paying for this!  All measures allowing US National Guard and retired police to be sent overseas must be immediately revoked and dismantled!

*  Veterans of foreign wars need to be given maximized health care, so the morale, physical and psychological health of these abused and neglected American will return full strength!  These are to receive priority over all illegals and new immigrants currently given “politically-correct” priority in the hospital!  (Vigileaks waited 7 hours in an emergency room with a possible stroke and heart pains, while illegals with colds were given priority treatment.  Needless to say, treatment never did occur for the author who merely went home, untreated, at midnight.)

*  No more security guard positions are to be given to illegal, new, or first-generation Muslims!  These are closet insurrectionists with a quiet Sharia agenda!  Any security agency persisiting in this must be heavily, heavily fined!  There must be an immediate withdrawal of Muslim “security guards” starting with America’s power plants!

*  President Trump must take a close look at the American company, Lenco, and its attempt to pre-position, for the draconian globalists, at least one Lenco armoured Bearcat – usually manned by foreign troops – in every US county!  Lenco also supplies to more than 40 US enemies and this amoral military/industrial complex fiasco must be severely restrained!

*  In preparation for an EMP – taight as likely by the FBI as early as 1999 – jobs restoration must include thousands employed on large transformers in the manufacturing sector!  It was one sole paid-off politician who prevented this to this point.  These new replacement transformers must be fully shield and manufactured in shielded conditions!  (China and Russa has prepared but not America!)

We The People have been more than patient and have had enough!  President Trump, you have 100% Freedom to get on the above issues immediately!

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