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Editorial credit: Ingus Kruklitis / Shutterstock, Inc.

“More Fake News?”

A spokesman for NASA revealed early this morning their 2005 interception and decoding of a conversation between two aliens. The conversation was heard and observed by a Beta version of a $93 million NASA spectroscope.

Seriously.  Does NASA complicit with the NWO believe we’re so dumbed down that Americans will believe anything?  Or could this be true?

But if it’s not true, what are their objectives?

To this point, the NWO agenda has been to create a fear image of UFOs.  Predictably, sections of residential California, completely annihilated with laser from the night sky, will soon be credited to “hostile aliens.”

This will be a cover and smokescreen, of course, for the devastation and havoc the NWO is wreaking on their previously-zoned Agenda 21 localities.  They are just waiting for the grass roots to blame it on UFOs.

But such blaming, smoke-screening and cover-up has more than one purpose.  Sure, it allows them to get away with the murder of individuals.  But the simultaneous intention is also the murder of the planet.

Because when enough of these heinous Agenda 21 death-laser activities are accomplished, a cry will go out, from the grass roots, that only a central world government can protect Americans – indeed, all earth inhabitants – from this ongoing borderless threat!

It’s not funny.  But is this intended by NASA to be funny?  Or to be taken seriously (which in some ways would be funnier?)  Was someone in the CIA flipping out?  (Flipping out, in the sense of serious deviation from the UFO fear-producing agenda?) Or are they justifying their $93 million-dollar investment?  You be the judge!  Click here! 

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