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“Where Did The Bank Go?”

Commemorating President Trump’s boldly-effective trip to Davos, Switzerland, Vigileaks discerns it is a moment in history to further assist Israel.

Infowars reported, “By his mere presence at Davos, President Trump is forcing EU leaders to make a dangerous attack on nation-states, a tremendous development given the mainstream media once claimed globalism was a “conspiracy theory.”

“Once again Trump is forcing the power structure to react to him and his trademark nationalism, which reveals the inherent weakness of globalism: it only takes one man to act as a lion to defeat the sheep of a system designed by the Rockefellers and Rothchilds.”

Inspired by President Trump, Vigileaks humbly is following this courageous example which illustrates, “It only takes one man to act as a lion to defeat the sheep of a system designed by the Rockefellers and Rothchilds.”

That is, the globalists stole a major bank from Israel! I saw the Charter! I held it in my hands! It was signed by Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and legally bequeathed to my long-time colleague, international financier, Mr. Bill Weipers of South Africa.

With the death of Bill Weipers in 2003, his underground bank, Bank Shalom, “just disappeared.” Bank Shalom was chartered for the sole purpose of funding the return of millions of Jews to Israel, in the most grandiose manner of Aliyah, when Bill confided, “There will be banks on all ships for their valuables.”

He told me it already had the gold backing of Prince Charles. More backing came about with his business trip to Russia. A South African yen provider was in on the deal. And to further the cause, he was, at the moment, being a “minnow” alongside the movement of 500 tons of gold, up through Europe into Switzerland.

Numerous faxes were sent from my computer by Bill to Jewish financier Zev Eschel in Switzerland. Everything seemed to be going well for Bank Shalom. And then the CIA stole the shipment as it was coming through Europe. The CBC of Canada was first to report it. What did they do with this gold? Were they in the employ of Rothschild? Is this how Rothschild contributed to his $500 trillion?

It was meant for Israel and Jews from around the world to return to Israel. There are only scant clues as to what happened to Bank Shalom:

  • The World Council of Churches funded the terrorism which murdered 16 men, women and children on the 30,000 acre Olive Tree Farms settlement in southern Zimbabwe, for which Mr. Weipers was the Financial Director. Find the globalists behind those heinous crimes and the same people will be linked to the gold theft.
  • A former colleague from Mr. Weiper’s Pacific Rim investor group from the 1970s approached him in a restaurant. Bill told me after the meeting, “He bought me tea and a biscuit and then said, ‘Tell me about Bank Shalom.’ Can you imagine that?” Bank Shalom had been a closely guarded secret. If this colleague is still alive, he will know about the disappearance of Bank Shalom.
  • Chartered Patent Agent and European Patent Attorney Martin N. Dale, BSc., of Riehen, Switzerland, sent me correspondence from his fax in Basle. He wanted to meet with me in Prince George but something prevented the meeting. If still alive, Martin would have been an important confidant of Mr. Weipers plans for Bank Shalom.
  • The last correspondence Vigileaks had with Mr. Weipers was when Weipers was active on the Isle of Man. Mr. Weipers confided that of all the fifty or so tax havens, he preferred the way Isle of Man did business, as banks there were pledged to prop each other up. As a cover, Mr. Weipers orchestrated a position there for his daughter, which gave him a convenient excuse for being there.  On the Isle of Man are hidden clues to the disappearance of Bank Shalom.

Summarily, Prime Minister Shamir sanctioned this underground bank and signed the Bank Shalom Charter. I held the original in my hands. The globalist-controlled rogue CIA got in on the act and, near the time they were re-routing gold shipments from Viet Nam, confiscated the 500 tons of gold moving through Europe. The CBC reported the story….

The underground Bank Shalom and its gold backing was for Jews around the world to aliyah and return to the Holy Land. The CIA, more than likely for Rothschild, stole it. Its whereabouts may not have been known to Prime Minister Shamir when he passed away June 30, 2012. As President Trump intensifies his investigation of the renegade CIA, his agenda must include the philanthropical Bank Shalom, designed to help all Jews return to Israel….

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