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A foreign and/or globalist agency has assumed the role of illegally evaluating a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff High Security Evaluations!

In this photo, these circular tracks were discovered at 9 a.m. on March 15, 2017, just 15 feet from the rural West Virginia bedroom window of the pro-active Joint Chiefs of Staff member.

A special note is that there were no footprints anywhere when this photo was taken. It is ascertained the strange craft landed sometime between 4:15 AM and 9 AM.

Actual photo from Joint Chiefs

Actual photo from Joint Chiefs

Al Cuppett, Joint Chiefs of Staff High Security Evaluations several classifications deep, with high-level intel ties globally, an iconic American Patriot for decades, tireless supporter of nationalist Israel, emphatically confides, “Now before I let anyone think I am at all scared, know this: I am not! I laugh at the enemy, and trust the Lord’s prophetic promises!”

Cuppett noted, “As a pilot I can say, the operator would have had to be an experienced drone pilot. The house was close and a tree towered very close on one side. Yes, it could have been such an unmanned vehicle, because there were no other marks or footprints. And it could have been programmed to make the circles…

“They are almost perfect circles. And there was no break in the track; only a continuous 720 degree circle and one 360 degree circle, with an added slash thru the middle. The track appeared to be made by a ‘small wheel,’ maybe under the bottom of the device?”

Such observations bring to mind books like Saucers of the Illuminati by researcher Jim Keith, revealing the secret group who manufactures such devices “and uses them for their own purposes.” It was Keith’s final book, who was soon after murdered in a Colorado hospital with Vitamin K. Keith also wrote Black Helicopters Over America.

The Virginia/West Virginia area is well known for its secret underground facilities, bases and tunnels, well documented by such authors as Dr. Richard Sauder in his writings, Underground Bases and Tunnels and Underwater and Underground Bases. Needless to say, not only globalists but Russians and Muslims are familiar with these secret areas.

Those with knowledge of related sightings, especially in the Virginia/West Virginia area, are encouraged to give information in the Comments section below. Information is also requested from those in all fifty states: with first or second-hand knowledge and insight to assist in explaining this timely photograph.

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