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“Boycott Best Buy! Boycott Best Buy! Boycott Best Buy!”

There is a mysterious Google agenda underway which currently defies all logic. For the consumer, that is. At Best Buy stores around North America, Best Buy is currently employing full-time and part-time – are you ready for this – Somalis.

While some Somalis in Best Buy’s Google shop speak various degrees of English as a second language, other Somalis speak almost no English at all! This second group looks at customers distrustfully, defensively, socially distant, even fearfully…

In a few prime square feet of front-store Best Buy space, the new cutting-edge Google shop employs these primitive, observably unassimilated Somalis, to what purpose? It certainly is not to win P.R. awards, as many do not even smile…

And it certainly is not to make money, when some of these Somalis cannot even explain what a VR experience with Google glasses is. When Vigileaks inquired of one where he was from, he hesitantly and guardedly said, “Africa.” When asked where in Africa, one could tell he didn’t want to reply but finally said, “Somalia.”

This type of public relations insures customer loyalty? The Somali did not smile once. The whole time he sold nothing and did not approach customers. Once, he paused to talk with another Somali co-worker in Somalian.

What else can this mysterious hiring agenda be called but a hate crime against far more qualified potential white employees? While tens of thousands of muslims, including Somali muslims, work in Silicon Valley, how are Somali muslims getting hiring priority over indigenous white German and French and English backgrounds, better qualified in all ways…

The globalist Chamber of Commerce in Somalia has shipped unassimilated Somalis to North America for too long. They are directed as a labor force into packing plants and slaughter houses, where they work eight hours a day with knives and blood… As children, they were taught warfare for a foundation which will never depart from them.

In their low-income housing they return to at night, the same Somali factions which warred in Somali, still war in their assigned low-income neighborhoods. Eventually, military-age Somalia males are charmed by male and female ISIS recruiters, then sent back overseas for further training – learning how to make more money and promotion which each head they cut off.

And now, these mysterious Somalis are increasingly hired by Best Buy to work in its Google shops with cutting-edge (often surveillance) technology. The unassimilated primitive combines with the aggressive Google forerunner of draconian technocracy. Shareholders and investors need to put a foot down and demand the end of globalism in this popular North American market place.

Eventually, Syrian “refugees” – that is, ISIS – will be frequenting Best Buy’s Google shops to scout for new prospects.  What a bonus to have militant-age muslim-Somali ISIS recruits familiar with new technology!  Or is it these are merely pre-positioned, already trained, for a terrorist fling for Best Buy and Google to collect insurance during a severe economic downturn.

One thing for sure.  The unassimilated muslim Google employee at Best Buy has more than enough time – to view mosques on Google maps, on the multiple-screen Best Buy wall display.  With Google pushing for real-time surveillance by sometime in 2018, what implications has this for present or future muslim-Somali ISIS terrorists?

Clearly, Best Buy and Google cannot expect a profit from this, nor can they expect customer loyalty. So what is going on? Are the majority of Google shareholders now muslim or muslim fronts?  Whatever the case, the Somali workers communicate far better with each other than with customers who might have been interested in a product. What is this mysterious Google agenda…

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