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I want to clarify about my reasons for voting the way I did. I will admit that this is only my second time actually watching the entire election process from who is going to represent each party for the Presidential election to the actual election.


The first time was when the Democrats put up their candidates : Obama and Hillary. I was excited that there was finally going to be an African American candidate.

Even then I was never going to vote for Hillary as the first female President. I will admit that I voted for Obama the first time because I thought that it was time for stereotypes to be eliminated and that maybe there would be a change for the better.

The second time he came up for election I voted for Romney because the changes I had witnessed were not for the better.

Honestly I lost respect for Obama when right after he was inaugurated as President he took a vacation.

That kind of upset me as I am working class and if I start a new job, no matter how demanding my previous job is I cannot take an immediate vacation. In my way of thinking when you accept a new job you want to make sure that your new employer is not going to regret hiring you and you aren’t going to regret switching jobs.

I still can’t figure out how he was awarded the Noble Peace Prize.

Unemployment went on the rise, even though there were jobs available, Social Security was losing money and the big one was the bailouts for banks and big business that they had to borrow money from other countries to afford. Our deficit is astronomical and it shouldn’t be.

Most of the businesses that received the bailouts took the jobs they provided to other countries because labor was cheaper. Then it was decided that unemployment benefits would last for two years instead of the six months it was before.

Doing that takes away the incentive to look for a job when you know that you have plenty of time to ride the gravy train. I am sure that there were people on it who would rather be working but you can’t tell me that they are in the majority.

I have seen the abuses of the programs that are supposed to give you a leg up not a hand out. There are people on Social Security, Disability, Welfare, WIC, Medicaid and housing assistance who have never put in a dime to these programs.

I have seen people who have worked hard at their jobs only to lose them when the economy goes down or an accident happens that cannot receive these benefits because there are so many on them that don’t need them.

My own father was receiving letter from Social Security after he had reached 50 that if he waited until 60 to retire then he would receive his full benefits but if he retired earlier than that then he would barely get half.

Every couple of years he received one where the retirement age went up higher and higher until he would have to wait until 75 before he could get full benefits. He had been paying into the programs since he was 9 years old, so how was that fair to him?

He died before he could reach an age to retire.

The people on Social Security have to find small part time jobs to make ends meet because the checks aren’t enough to living expenses, especially since they don’t get increase in living raises most of the time.

I have seen first hand how the laws and new rules that the Democratic Party has passed and nothing really good has come out of it.

Charging people for not having Healthcare and making them get on Obama Care that most doctors didn’t want to take even when it first came out.

The countries that had similar programs warned that they don’t really work that well but the Democrats knew better.

Now there are only a couple of insurance companies that still do Obama Care but good luck finding a doctor or hospital that will take it.

Coal was shut down because it isn’t environmentally friendly, which I agree it isn’t but what I don’t agree with is the way they went about it.

They left a huge amount of people without jobs and no way to get another because coal was the main workforce in their area. Most probably didn’t have enough money to move and they couldn’t sell their houses because who wants to move to an area that doesn’t have work.

There should have been plans in place to replace the jobs that were being taken so that the transition wasn’t so hard on the workforce there. They had plenty of time to do it, they had plans to do this for much longer than most think.

The Democrats did put some good things in place but they were few and far between. The US has pledged that we will pay more into NATO but where is the money coming from?

Why are so many of our Veterans not getting the things they need when they come back home?

Where is the college, healthcare and other benefits they were promised when they enrolled into the military?

Why are illegal immigrants and refugees more important than our Veterans and homeless we have here at home?

We cannot afford the sudden influx of illegals and refugees that are here. The illegals are sending their money back to the countries they came from and not back into the economy where they are currently living in.

Again this is something I have seen first hand. I work in a field that requires complete communication but how can you communicate with someone who doesn’t speak the same language and has no desire to learn the language of the country they are in?

If I moved to another country I would be required by law to learn the local language to continue to live there but here in the US, where English is the language, they want you to learn another language to make it easier on the ones who are here illegally.

That’s not right and it goes against the laws and rules put in place by our forefathers.

I have seen the struggles of people who came over here legally, the money and the time to go about it the correct way and yet this is like spitting in their faces.

It tells them that everything they went through was useless and incorrect.

They should have come over on a student or working visa and just stayed or maybe hired a coyote to bring them across. This isn’t right.

The US treats their prisoners better than they treat their Veterans. Prisoners get a roof over their head, three squares a day, medical care, cosmetic procedures, cable television, exercise and a college education.

This is crazy, we treat people who commit murder, rape, child molestation, deal and make drugs, and other heinous crimes better than we treat the men and women who have fought and died for the freedom this country is supposed to represent.

We need to take care of our own before we can take care of someone else. That is a fact and it seems to be a fact that gets ignored because it isn’t politically correct.

I understand some of what the LGBT groups and the Transgender groups are doing but only up to a point. I don’t believe that because you find the same sex attractive or that you identify yourself as the opposite sex means that you should have special privileges.

I don’t believe in the opposite sex going into the same bathroom as my nieces or nephews because they say they identify with a man or woman.

People will lie, especially perverts and child molesters.

That has happened several times already that a child was hurt because a molester said they identified with a woman and followed a little girl into a public bathroom.

I think that putting bathrooms with one stall would help this problem, it allows men or women to use it but it doesn’t give the perverts the opportunity to exploit it.

I think allowing transgender children their choice in clothing is great but I don’t think that they should be allowed in the same dressing room as the opposite sex because they are still the sex with which they were born.

Having their own dressing room is the way to go but I know that they don’t like it because they feel like they are isolated.

I can’t keep them from feeling this way but it isn’t something that only they go through during childhood, all children have some feelings of isolation and feeling like outcasts because that is what it is to grow up.

You struggle and you learn to deal with what life throws at you.

I was a large kid growing up and I had bullies because of it but I learned that I would have to deal with it because no matter what you do or say to them, it doesn’t change their minds.

I learned to keep my head up and know that no matter what I was not going to be like them. I won’t put someone down or make them feel less because it made me feel like I was a better person than them.

So in no way am I trying to lessen or make fun of the issues that they care about, I look at it from both sides of the fence.

I believe that gay people should be able to marry each other if that is what they wish. Having gay marriage in no way an affront to marriage in general. I think if they are serious about their commitment to each other then they should have the option.

Personally I think most heterosexual couples have made marriage into a joke because they don’t take the commitment seriously.

Los Vegas makes a lot of money on quick marriages and quicker divorces. The US probably has more divorce attorneys than we do personal injury lawyers.

I believe the average heterosexual marriage lasts between 1 to 5 years. How is that for an affront to marriage, most couples marry within 6 months of meeting each other and divorce within a few years because they realized that they hadn’t taken the time to really know their partners.

Children are being taught that they don’t have to be accountable for their actions. Look at the students who were walking all over the American flag, a symbol that they have never put their lives on the line for. They are enjoying the right of free speech and yet they are trampling all over the symbol for it.

That’s not right.

We have celebrities that enjoy the things that someone else paid for using their lives but they can’t stand for the National Anthem. What right gives them to disrespect the people who have fought and died for the freedom they enjoy.

People have gotten to were they don’t respect any type of authority because well why should they? They were taught that there is no accountability so who cares. Right. I care.

I care that there are law enforcement officers getting killed over someone’s vendetta against the police and that’s exactly what it is.

A vendetta.

I am not saying that there aren’t bad cops, any group is going to have bad apples. But to blanket an entire group of people with a statement is wrong.

Groups such as Black Lives Matter have people who actually believe in the cause it represents but there are also people in the group who just use it as an excuse to do violence. And that’s supposed to make it all ok.

It doesn’t. We need to weed out the ones seeking violence that are in all groups of protesters and in law enforcement because they are there.

You may not agree with me but it doesn’t change the situation that comes with the violence.

Now we have the “peaceful” Democrats and Liberals advocating violence at protests because Trump won the election and not Hillary. They said that Trump supporters were violent but not to the extreme that those protests were getting to.

You do have the right to free speech but not to the point you are shoving it down someone’s throat.


I know that some of my views don’t match what Trump believes and that’s fine, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.

But when it comes to the employment problems, the senseless violence, the endless abuse of government funded programs, and the illegal immigration he does.


He wants to make a difference and is already working towards the promises he made. He is making an effort and deserves a chance to prove himself.


He admits to making mistakes and he apologizes for those mistakes. I understand that he is a businessman and may not be all the way honest but he has been more honest than the politicians that promise all kinds of things but as soon as they get into office, well those promises more or less fly the way of the dodo.


Hillary has made mistakes and yet never once has she ever accepted responsibility for them. Some of her mistakes have cost lives but it wasn’t her fault.


As Secretary of State, anything that happens to Americans outside the US was her responsibility. That was her job.


As a supervisor I am responsible for the actions and welfare of the employees I supervise. I can’t say that it wasn’t my fault when I am their direct supervisor and something happens. I have to take responsibility for whatever action that was taken by the employee even if something bad happens. I can’t just take responsibility for the good, I have to take the bad as well.


That’s what it means to be in charge.


If she can’t take responsibility for the action or non action taken at Benghazi and about emails that should never have been in her personal server to begin with, she won’t take responsibility for anything involving the American people.


I am not saying that Trump is the answer to all prayers but he doesn’t have the track record of Hillary and deserves a chance to prove himself capable of being President.


And I’m sorry but Trump sexually harassing women, even if it’s true which I don’t believe it is, doesn’t even come to the level of Hillary’s husband Bill. Bill Clinton is the worst kind of harasser, I was a teenager when he was President and all you ever heard about him was that he slept with this woman or groped another.


The press had a field day with him back in the day. But amazingly enough, you really didn’t hear much about that while Hillary was running for President and even now there isn’t much about that.


I find it strange that all these women Trump harassed didn’t come forward until close to the election and not before. If that had been done to me, I would have said something while he was going for the Nominee position. I would have made sure he wouldn’t have had a chance to get it.


I believe he might have said some inappropriate things but that again isn’t unusual when men are talking to women. Most men do say inappropriate things to women all the time but there is no sense getting offended by it, unless it is extremely inappropriate.


What I am saying is that only if you are without sin can you cast the first stone.


“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone.”  John 8:7

Romans 2:1

You therefore have no excuse, you who pass judgment on another. For on whatever grounds you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.

Thank you for your time.


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