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My Essay on Incongruities

We invent euphemisms to
describe baby-euthanasia
— putting infants to death
as non-counters, very Hitler-like.

If one living cell were found
on another planet,
we’d say: “There’s life there!”
Though body parts are harvested and sold.
We say: “There’s NO life there!”
One lion is killed in Africa
— we have a heart attack.
Five million babies are killed — we love it!
We are sure there would be no great scientist,
inventor, doctor, artist, writer, poet,
humanitarian, or nice smile among that five million,
A tree is NOT a renewable resource. It
may well contain the very secret of life on earth.
Look at the interesting faces of
five Hawaiian, mixed-race, five-year-olds,
Which would you now choose to kill?
What has changed?
Who said: “There is enough and to spare” ?
We hate animal cruelty of all kinds.
Yet, we love crushing unborn baby’s skulls
and other unborn baby’s bones.
We say: “Tax-funded entities are entitled to
funnel some of their funds back to
politicians and political parties
who favor their ways.”
We favor animals over humans.
We say: “Poaching or eating wildlife or even
domestic livestock is worse than
parsing human body parts.
Politically correct is the real correct.”
We say: “Free speech is for us, NOT for you.”
We say: There is a big difference
between Islamic extremists
who say believe as I do or die and
animal rights activists or others
who say believe as I do or
I will damage your property or kill you?
P.P. stands for Women’s Health,
(though it does no mammograms)
and for Women’s Rights,
NOT for Parts Parsing-ers.

We invent euphemisms to
describe baby-euthanasia
— putting infants to death
as non-counters, very Hitler-like.

And, that’s my essay on incongruities.


The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

DeLoy Esplin

Age 81, retired forester.


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