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“New Islamic Party Vows to Impose Islamic Laws in Canada!”

Islamic Party running in Canadian election! President Trump openly defied above the northern American border by increasing Muslim pedophiles!

With the Islamic blessings of Muslim convert Justin Trudeau, a historically unprecedented phenomenon is now defying Canadian tradition!

Islamic pedophilia will soon run amok if Political Islam wins the next Canadian election! Child marriage, whimpering child brides, “forced marriages,” multiple wives on the dole! Not to mention rampant polygamy, women with painfully extracted clitorises, acid attacks, honor killings, beheading, stonings…

Muslim human trafficking will be commonplace in and outside the Canadian border. Already Canadian Deep State social workers confiscate children from native Indians and sell them to Muslims!

To see Trudeau’s pedophile connections click here!

Shari’a is a sordid way of life. For centuries, it has imposed its cruel ideology and political movement onto countless dhimmi!

This subjugating and enslaving religious package which denies free will includes:
No equal rights for men and women.
No democracy or separation between religion and state politics.
No freedom of religion or freedom of speech.
No equality between people non-Muslims being inferior to Muslims

Canadian Parliament, endlessly dispossessing true Canadians of their inherited rights, unleashed “Motion-103” on its unsuspecting citizens, condemning the politically-correct propaganda term of “Islamophobia preceding blasphemy “law” in Canada.

Should this renegade but widespread Islamic Party soon rise to power in Canada, unrestrained hoards of terrorists will be allowed to enter and reside?

Funding for the New Islamic Party of Canada pours in from wealthy external and internal sources! In western Canada, already Muslim middle managers in the oil fields are now in upper management, and Muslim labor has now been promoted to middle management.

With this wealth, it’s not uncommon for Muslims to donate $1,000 a brick for local mosques.

Meanwhile, heinous trained terrorists continue to pour into Canada’s college and university Muslim student associations, while funding for these “schools” pours in from wealthy Arabs in the Middle East. These colleges and universities are increasingly dominated with pro-Islamic views, lectured to indigenous and victimized Canadian students, who pay exorbitant student loans to be propagandized!

No wonder Canadian Yellow Vests are begging Trump for help! Perhaps no leader in world history is as guilty of treason as Canada’s most infamous Muslim convert, globalist Justin Trudeau! A true and dedicated Canadian leader should be following President Trump’s lead in controlling Muslim immigration!

Canada is no longer a vacation option for Americans. Will America’s northern Wall be built in time?

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