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It upsets me to hear abortion referred to as “health care.” Abortion is, without question, the murder of an unborn child. It has absolutely nothing to do with “health care.” It has everything to do with destroying the health of an unborn child by ending its life. And many times the physical, mental, and emotional health of the woman who carried the baby is severely damaged, as well.

Almost as asinine is the name “Planned Parenthood.” This organization, birthed in the pit of hell, has nothing to do with parenthood. By killing around 350,000 babies each year, it ensures that parenthood will not take place. And $500 Million of your tax dollars fund it. It uses much of that money to pay lobbyists to spend obscene amounts of your money to re-elect the very politicians who vote to fund it.

This is the perfect example of a circular fraud. Liberal politicians give billions of tax dollars to a liberal organization that will use millions of those dollars to make sure that those same politicians stay in office. This, in turn, ensures that Planned Parenthood will continue to be enriched by the Liberal politicians.

The baby pictured here was 12 weeks old. Look at its ear, nose, mouth, fingers, and toes. Can anyone look at this child and says he or she is not a human being with the right to life? Yet Planned Parenthood murders almost 1,000 of these innocents every day.

We have known these things about this evil organization for years. But we have discovered, via secret videos taken of Planned Parenthood executives, that the organization also sells the organs of babies, such as the brain, heart, and lungs to increase their profits. They do this without the consent of the mother and in violation of federal law.

Four of these videos have been released. I have provided links to them below, but I must warn you that they are hard to watch. They include a female doctor calmly discussing how she can crush the baby in the womb above and below the torso to preserve vital organs for sale. As she munches a salad in an expensive restaurant and comments how delicious it is (“Mmm”) she calmly discusses the fact that most buyers want livers, so she is careful not to crush them.

Another shows a female executive of Planned Parenthood saying that she can instruct her doctors to use a less “crunchy” technique in their abortions so that the parts she wants to sell will not be damaged. She (and all the other executives videotaped) always refer callously to the babies as “specimens.” Over a glass of wine, she laughs that she plans to use the money she makes to buy an outrageously expensive Lamborghini sports car.

In still another video Dr. Deborah Nucatola, the Senior Director of Medical Services for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (the “mother” organization of all the Planned Parenthood abortion mills nationwide) admits that they perform partial-birth abortions in order to be sure to get “intact specimens.” Planned Parenthood operates like a franchise. It has all its “affiliates” incorporate individually so that if one gets caught breaking the law, it won’t bring the whole national chain down.

But in this video, a senior national official makes several damaging admissions of violations of federal law. Here is a quote from Dr. Nucatola taken from the video that shows her contempt for the law – and for human life. “The Federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban is a law, and laws are up to interpretation. So if I say on day one I do not intend to do this, what ultimately happens doesn’t matter.” In other words, I can deliberately murder a baby that was born alive, and if I say, “That was not my intention,” I can get away with it. “What ultimately happens [the death of the baby] doesn’t matter.”

She also admitted that some buyers of body parts want to get a national contract with Planned Parenthood so that they don’t have to negotiate with all the affiliates. But she said that their legal department shut that down because of fear that this could end up before the Supreme Court. “But I can tell you that behind closed doors those negotiations are happening with the affiliates.”

A group called The Center for Medical Progress made a series of 12 secret videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in human body parts. Their journalists posed as buyers of infant body parts. In one video they taped Dr. Savita Ginde, a physician who is the Medical Director of the Rocky Mount Planned Parenthood – one of the biggest abortion factories in the nation. She stated that it is better to sell the body parts under the guise of “research” rather than admitting that it is a business venture. She assured the buyers that their attorneys had written documentation in a way that would keep them from “getting caught.”

After the four were released Planned Parenthood used some of the billions of tax dollars they receive to hire expensive attorneys who have gotten an injunction against the release of the rest. We need to pray that the injunction is overturned so that the whole truth can come out.

Let me close this by reminding you who founded Planned Parenthood, and what its original purpose was. Margaret Sanger, who believed that “Negroes are reckless breeders, spawning human beings who never should have been born,” was the co-founder of Planned Parenthood. Her method was to strategically place abortion clinics in black neighborhoods, and it worked. Under “The Negro Project,” as she called it, tens of millions of black babies have been aborted.

Sanger was a staunch advocate of Eugenics, the “science” of purifying the gene pool – a nice name for the genocide of “inferior peoples.” In this sense, she was a soul mate of Adolf Hitler, who believed that both Blacks and Jews were inferior people and should be eliminated to avoid “polluting” the human race.

Hitler was more direct than Sanger. He simply murdered those he considered inferior. Sanger was passive-aggressive. She was responsible for the abortions of millions of black babies and the nonconsensual (and often forced) sterilization of black women. And her work continues today through the organization she founded – Planned Parenthood.


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