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Robert Swan Mueller III is an engine of destruction.  Self destruction:

In his first appointment as a Federal Prosecutor he hit the San Francisco Hells Angels for drug running in 1979, indicted 18, lost 13 cases for over-charging and poor evidence handling.  All five convictions were overturned on appeal.  11 were later re-tried by Mueller’s replacement all ending in mistrial due to Mueller’s work.

He moved to Boston, in disgrace, and there indicted an East German physicist who had been stealing nuclear secrets, but fumbled the case badly and the physicist was released.  Observers declared “…he was guilty as sin.”

Then he hired Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger as an FBI informant.  FBI handler, John Connolly, covered up for many horrific crimes committed by Bulger’s mob including a case in which four Mueller-charged men were wrongfully convicted for  murder and spent 40 years in prison with two dying there.

All were exonerated and awarded $101 million for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment as Mueller had suppressed exculpatory evidence plus presented false evidence, but he was never held responsible.  Could it be that he as a high-born Philadelphia, Ivy League educated, war veteran with Purple Hearts, for “Band Aid” wounds of the “stepped on a broken beer bottle” class, have anything to do Robert Swan Mueller III’s invincibility?  Is he a “prince of the swamp?”

Next he convicted virologist Steven Hatfield on defective evidence.  Hatfield eventually showed he had no access to the Anthrax virus as accused. Again, Mueller had suppressed that fact.  Hatfield sued and won $5.8 million in “malicious prosecution” damages.

Mueller has long been the Clueseau of Federal prosecutors, but he was made Director of the FBI as many nodded heads on the tradition of J. Edgar Hoover, the most feared man on Capitol Hill. The headlines of today are not unique in view of our previous century if you could then read beyond all the frosting of our fawning press.

In the “Russia Russia, Russia” investigation Mueller order a break-in of Paul Manafort’s house at 4 AM, roughed up and handcuffed Manafort and his wife, grabbed protected documents and personal property in a Fourth Amendment Constitutional violation.  Mr. Manafort has a cause of action in our analysis as Mr. Manafort had every right to answer the break in with a hail of bullets and then Mr. Mueller would have been responsible for the deaths of FBI agents having sent them on an unconstitutional raid.  Every American citizen has the right to kill anyone breaking and entering his home any time, especially at 4 AM!

Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) wrote the most complete and comprehensive study of Robert Swan Mueller III, available at:
“<>”  with the comment “The corrupt and disreputable former FBI Director, Robert Mueller wrote 14 pages,  15,000 words and the Congressman said “It could have been more!”

Mueller is notorious for thin-evidence, heavy-hands and high failure rates.  He is high-born, high-educated, an ex-Marine with several Purple Hearts, cultivated appearance and speech, and walks like Gary Cooper.

How this man has had a career for so long is a mystery, but one that tells a lot about “The Swamp.”  The Swamp is a concentration of power like those in authoritarian Fascist and Communist regimes.  In this respect they are the same.  The only difference is that in Fascism the driving force is from the top:  People of money and power.

In Communism energy of formation comes from the bottom, the downtrodden, peasant and working class seeking a better way, but gullible.  They believe in free health care, free college, free pensions, $15 an hour minimum wages all in return for believing in no real work, just believe and “…tax the rich!”

Robert Swan Mueller III is a man who believes, but in what?  And whom?  This is the question under all of what has been happening for the last 73 years, beginning at the end of World War II.  We who have seen it all are just as mystified as anyone, but the answer exists and it is the question of this century.  We may find an answer or fail just as Robert Swan Mueller III will fail.

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