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The Democrats are in deep doo doo and they know it. There are no serious contenders on the left to defeat the President and they run a serious risk of losing the House not to mention state government positions across the republic. We know they are in trouble because for the last few weeks the Speaker of the House has been trying to back-peddle the impeachment narrative. Given the attention span of the average American she might have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for Bob Mueller.

Bob Mueller is no fool. His statement had been written in advance so he had plenty of time to think over the remarks he made before he spoke some words. Mueller must have known that his cryptic statement would reignite the calls for impeachment that Nancy Pelosi was trying so hard to quell just a few shot months before the election season begins. Bob should have known that his words would have a devastating effect on the left. If you’re trying to destroy a man you don’t destroy the people who are on your side.

What am I saying? I’m saying Bob Mueller is a Republican that works for the President. His career in Washington is basically over but on his way out the door he completely sabotaged whatever chance the DNC has in 2020 by firing up the Democrat base or at least elements of the Democrat base to ensure that impeachment is still an issue during the election which will be a disaster for the left.

Nancy Pelosi is trapped. She was trying to take control of and redirect the narrative and Mueller’s comments pulled the rug right out from under her. Now she has no choice but to run with the impeachment narrative which will likely cost the DNC the House as most Americans realize that obstruction is only possible when there is an underlying crime which there is not.

Bob literally threw the Democrat leadership under the bus. While the left keeps pushing impeachment, the President is waiting for just the right time, which I would suggest will be the height of the DNC’s attempt at impeachment, for Barr’s declassification authority to expose those who pushed the Trump dossier and what roles that the deep state, Democrat representatives, CIA and FBI had in that false narrative.

Grab your popcorn folks this is going to get real entertaining real soon.

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