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It’s not often that you find the hosts of programs on MSNBC and Fox News seeming to agree about something… especially when that something is Donald Trump.

However, this is exactly what happened earlier this week when Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro and MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough opined about the President-elect. Judge Jeanine was arguing that Donald Trump has already changed everything about how politics is done in Washington, D.C. and he isn’t even the President yet. Over on MSNBC Joe Scarborough was marveling at the fact that a man who is generally viewed as a ‘moderate’ Republican has put together what may very well be the most conservative Cabinet in over a century.

Here’s what Pirro had to say:

What has happened with Donald Trump is he has changed the entire political paradigm — he is an outsider. He is not beholden to the establishment, to the Republicans, to the Democrats. He has changed everything about politics in America. And I guarantee the parties will change going forward. If he starts talking with more Democrats, bringing them into the [cabinet], irrespective of what the motivations is, maybe to clear a path for a senator in this place or this place, or a governor. The bottom line is we’re going to work together now. I believe he will bring America together, except for the whiny crybabies who just don’t want to.

And now here’s Scarborough and the panelists of Morning Joe discussing the very conservative cabinet that Mr. Trump has managed to surround himself with.


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