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The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouth of fools feed on folly. Proverbs 15:14

Most Americans are beginning to realize that it is time we left both the Democrats and the Republicans behind, and as we did with Hurricane Harvey, rebuild this already great and good nation from the damage it has sustained this present century.

It has been posited that we want change, but draining the swamp is not a change, it is an upgrade. We like the ideals of this country just fine and we want those ideals made better and stronger. We love this country and get disturbed when its symbols, all of them, get desecrated.

Fornication has destroyed marriage and the family. Though we continue to preserve the families we have, like rescue boats in a storm, we will never get back the strength that the families once had. You can’t unscramble eggs. We will never be able to show our kids the wonderful attributes of the traditional family because it has been invaded by progressive thought brought in and slandered by the media, cell phones, and the internet. We don’t care about gay and transgender rights, and frankly, they were better off when they weren’t in our face. If we weren’t being constantly reminded and blamed, we would not have all these phobias we are being castigated for. We are the ‘deplorable’s’, but we are really good people.

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Yes, we want to take back our country and get the government out of our lives. We want a very very very limited government and to be left alone to do the good work we naturally do, helping our neighbors, being the most charitable nation that ever existed, fighting prejudice, caring for our land, and raising loving and disciplined kids away from progressive philosophies brought to us by ignorant teachers with bent ideas. We work hard, but we want to keep as much money as we can and help the needy out of the goodness of our hearts. We want to end the plantation slavery of welfare and get everyone working together side by side no matter what their skin color, religious beliefs, or political viewpoint.

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Capitalism is hardest on us, but we love capitalism, for it is the only way throughout history that we can better ourselves. Any other way always leads to oppression. We love being free, free to say and do what we want, free to like who we like, free to choose our own healthcare, free to defend ourselves against all who want to push their ideas on us, and free to praise God in the public streets. We not only believe in the constitution, but we live by it. And we continue to be free to ignore political correctness and progressivism, which is really regressivism. And we don’t pay attention to politicians left and right who only look after themselves.

Finally, we continue to be optimistic, but with skepticism of false promises. We trust but verify, and we love our fellow Americans.

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Bob Candy

I am a naturalized US citizen, born in Toronto, Canada and moved to California when I was 4. I am a registered Architect, a DSA State School, and OSHPD hospital inspector, and own my own inspection company. I have published three books and have written over 150 articles.


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