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To many, the address of a building isn’t that big of a deal. Those who are either opposed to or indifferent about the location of the U.S. Embassy will say that it doesn’t really matter whether it’s in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Those of us who acknowledge that it’s a big deal might not realize just how huge it would be.


If Donald Trump moves the embassy to Jerusalem, the world will fundamentally change.


Many Jews in Israel (though not a vast majority, contrary to popular belief) would welcome the move as the ultimate symbol of acceptance of their right to the land and even their right to exist. In America, we are so bombarded with meaningless symbols that important ones often don’t have the real impact they deserve. In Israel, the impact would be tremendous. It would signal an acceptance and usher in a renewal of the relationship that has helped them persevere over the decades.


To much of the rest of the world, including a large majority in the United Nations, it would signify a not-so-subtle disavowing of their standard operating procedures. America has stood alone as the unwavering ally to Israel until last month when Barack Obama launched his parting shot at the Jewish state. He not only abstained from vetoing U.N. Resolution 2334 but lied about his role as well.


The forces mounted against Israel to delegitimize various aspects of the state are numerous and growing. Various movements attack Israel by calling for boycotts, divestments, and sanctions. A large portion of the 1.6 billion Muslims of the world oppose Israel’s existence in various forms ranging from vocal opposition to outright violence. Anti-Semitism is rampant among all other religious groups with pockets of hate continuing to exist in every country, including the United States. Entire nations call for the destruction of Israel altogether.


When the most powerful nation in the world takes a step that they’ve never taken before by embracing the Jewish nation’s right to the capital of their ancestors, the place where King David ruled 1600 years before Islam was even formed, it will change the way the world has to deal with both Israel and America. Instantly, we’re put back into a position of strength that we haven’t seen in eight years.


Making the move won’t come without pain. That’s why most GOP Presidents have failed to keep their promise to make the move in the past. Internally and externally, we will receive major resistance. The internal resistance will need to be handled appropriately, but the external resistance must be ignored.


We are not a nation beholden to the whims of the international community. We are a sovereign nation that deals with our enemies and allies the way we see fit. The world may have forgotten that. Trump can send the message loud and clear with one simple address change. Make the move, President Trump.


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