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To put the idea of massive United Nations Agenda 21 depopulation plans on the minds of as many people as possible the Marvel comics universe comes out with the movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ with universal genocidal super villain Thanos.

Thanos first appeared in Iron Man comic book number 55 February 1973.

Marvel’s superheroes soon realize that to defeat Thanos, who amasses increasingly more power that Satan would be envious of, by acquiring separately each of 6 stones, they must work together to save billions if not trillions of people’s lives.

They are almost successful but Thanos does accomplish his goal of mass genocide by murdering half of the population of all the habitable plants in the universe including some superheroes. At the end of the movie on what he and the United Nations psychos see as a noble quest, Thanos gets a perverse satisfaction that to save everyone from a perceived complete self-annihilation many must be intentionally killed.

In this movie the superheroes unexpectedly lose, something in our surreal life the twisted minds at the United Nations hope will be the fate of anyone who actively opposes them until they accomplish their stated goal.

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