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By Johnathan Jones,

A mother who sued a California school district for “socially transitioning” her daughter behind her back has received a six-figure settlement.

The Spreckels Union School District has agreed to pay mother Jessica Konen $100,000 for encouraging her daughter to live as a boy and keeping it hidden from Konen, according to the Center for American Liberty, a nonprofit legal defense group.

The group previously explained that Konen’s daughter Alicia, then in sixth grade, was “recruited” to join a school “Equality Club,” where she was inundated with information about “bisexuality, transgender identities, and other LGBT concepts.”

“Shortly after joining the club, the school began to foster Alicia’s identification as a boy,” the Center for American Liberty said.

Without informing Konen, the school “required … staff to refer to [Alicia] by a male name and male pronouns and to let her use the unisex teachers’ restroom instead of the girl’s restroom.

The school even gave 11-year-old Alicia “articles on how to conceal her supposed new gender identity from her mother.”

Konen was eventually informed by the school of her daughter’s “gender transition” and brought a lawsuit against the school district in June 2022.

The district settled the lawsuit and agreed to pay Konen this week, Fox News reported.

The mother-daughter duo celebrated the settlement in a video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Now a happy and healthy teen, Alicia explained to Fox on Thursday that when the school shut down during the COVID pandemic, she returned to living as a girl.

“After COVID hit, I ended up being out of the control of the school, and I really figured out that who the school said I was, I was not,” she said.

“I was a girl, and I was Alicia. And it was eye-opening to me because I had an identity for so long that was false.”

Mark Trammell, executive director of the Center for American Liberty, told Fox the settlement should have a “deterring effect” on the education system.

“These [incidents] are happening in schools across the country, and I think schools are going to wake up when they realize that there’s a financial liability at stake here,” Trammell said.

He added that while “parental secrecy policies” might be expected in a place like California, his legal group has gotten calls on the matter from “almost all 50 states.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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