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As I sat at the computer today, an odd assortment of questions came to mind:

Have we become wuss nation because of political correctness?

Why (or is there) fear of making English the official language?

Could Hillary be an unwitting stalking horse?

Why did the secret service allow a Hillary staffer to tell them to take her to Chelsea’s apartment Sunday rather than a designated hospital?

Why did an unidentified woman in Hillary’s contingent take her pulse and what appeared to be a standard neurological test?

Why was Hillary wearing blue sunglasses that can be associated with reducing Parkinson’s symptoms?

Why did she appear about and hour and half later outside of Chelsea’s apartment without the usual visible security?

Why hasn’t Trump or PAC run an answering ad to the Hillary “mocking” ad? (The disabled man in question doesn’t have those movements and Trump did the same action to something Ted Cruz said in the primary)

Is anyone else worried about U.S. losing control of the internet?

Why no media outrage of the reported billions in cash and gold sent to Iran?

When will the media admit that the Affordable Care Act isn’t working and that it’s end intent is for a single payer government controlled plan?

Will the proper questions be asked of the candidates in the debates?

Will we know before the election of the shady Clinton Foundation dealings and pay for play?

Will the media, especially the investigative news programs, ever properly cover Hillary’s misdeeds in an equitable manner?

Maybe a bit far fetched ( but not too far ), but is anyone else concerned about the possibility of a problem or emergency ( created, imagined or otherwise )  that would affect the election or results and cause a form or nullification or martial law.

Back to it again, but is anyone else frustrated and sick of the both the subtle and obvious media bias?

And the questions go on and on and……………


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