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It would be hard to imagine a more convoluted set up than the one we have had our representatives create and enforce.  We are told to pay a certain portion of our income to the government.  From that money the government decides who should benefit from its distribution.  Mostly it goes to other lower echelon government people such as governors and mayors, etc who then decide what fits their priorities.  If there isn’t enough money for the representatives wishes they then borrow against our payments ( without our permission ) and raise the limit higher as the deficit grows.

All this is dependent on a misdirected premise that government is a unique organization that must take money by force in order to operate.  This is the same premise a criminal organization operates under.  Look at a protection racket where thugs say you must pay to keep operating your business or your will be physically harmed, killed or your business burned down.  The government doesn’t tell you this but they do say if you don’t pay you could go to jail, be fined or forced into bankruptcy.  The consequences may differ slightly but the method of control and confiscation is identical.

No other business or organization relies on forced payments.  Why can’t the government?  The argument the government advocates present is no one would pay for government services.  This argument has no validity.  People have always paid for security voluntarily when it was needed and government didn’t provide it.  There is not a community in the world that would say, “ Oh we don’t need protection to protect our individual rights as there is no danger thugs will violate them”.

Think a moment about the voluntary contributions political candidates amass.  If these millions can be contributed for candidates, couldn’t the same method be used for operations?  Why not?

We know where the method used now has created a massive national debt.  We know this cannot go on indefinitely.  We know what has happened in countries that have tried to carry this method to its logical extension.  Zimbabwe,Venezuela, the Soviet Union, etc, etc.are some of the endless examples.  What make anyone think a country called America could not succumb to the same fate if it follows the same methods?

The moment of rebellion that is required when the burden of taxation becomes so oppressive will come but it could be prevented.  Like any change it requires a change in the thought process of those willing to take action.  This change requires  one ot focus on what is and what could be.  It doesn’t require a hope or a wish or a prayer.  It requires a plan of action and a recognition that the plan must be well thought out and executed.

Many have become motivated to help others operating on the premise of altruism.  Helping oneself and one’s loved ones requires a different mindset and a recognition that the highest moral purpose should be to one’s values.  The number one value is your life and the defense of the rights that belong to you. For without this value all other values are not possible.

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