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The late and great President Ronald Reagan coined as one of his Mantras, “Peace Through Strength.” Yet for centuries statesmen and military leaders alike have always known that the greatest deterrent to war lies in being so strong militarily as a nation that no enemy will dare attack or provoke. Under the nefarious “rule” of President Barack Obama, American military strength and readiness for our national defense against our enemies is the weakest since 1940-on the eve of World War II.

As students of history should know, the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Air Forces on December 7, 1941 caught the United States with our military pants down. Our nation spent the better part of two years engaged not only in defense (rather than offensive) conflict with Germany and Japan while our awesome industrial capacity was furiously “ramped up” and engaged in all-out design and mass production of the weapons and supplies desperately needed to take the military offensive against the Axis Powers who, by late 1942, one year into our declaration of war, were mere months away from conquering the entire Eastern Hemisphere, save for Russia and Britain.

A careful study of the military maps from November 8, 1942, shows the Germans and Italians poised to move into the Indiana Subcontinent from the west, while the Japanese were similarly poised to drive into the Indian Subcontinent from the east. Two military victories at the hands of God, Britain and America, in North Africa and in the Western Pacific stopped the Axis Powers from advancing into India and Pakistan at that time, and as history shows, the conquest of the Indian Subcontinent would never occur. During 1943, American military production and massive buildup of both our armed forces and military war machines (warships, warplanes, and weapons) began to slowly turn the tide of World War II in the favor of the Allied Forces (America, Britain, Russia, France and others). As most of us know, America and her allies won victory in W.W. II by the Summer of 1945.

The years following World War II, when the Russia-dominated Soviet Union refused to withdraw to her eastern borders and during 1946-1948 created Communist-occupied and dictatorship-ruled “Satellite States” in six Eastern European nations formerly overrun by Germany’s Adolph Hitler, began 45 years of a “Cold War” (1946-1991) between the two “Superpowers” that emerged from the Second World War: the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union’s dictators were hell-bent on conquering the entire world and creating a worldwide Communist dictatorship, and only the military power and willingness to use that power if necessary, created the stalemate called the Cold War. Little military or political advantage was gained by either nation as “proxy wars” were fought in Korea (1950-53) in Vietnam (1964-73) along with the Cuban Missle Crisis of October, 1962 in which all-out Thermonuclear War was narrowly averted. As always, the military power of the United States was the primarily deterrent to such war.

Peace Through Strength ReaganWhen Ronald Reagan became President in 1981, he pursued his “Peace Through Strength” military policy of using a massive buildup of American military strength that had been allowed to decline during the 1970s, especially under President Jimmie Carter, to break the Soviet Union’s power by forcing that nation attempt a counter-military buildup that drove the Soviet economy into the ground and along the way, their political strength, as well. By December 25, 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed along with her Communist empire.

Beginning with the Presidency of Bill Clinton in 1993, American military might has steadily declined and as of 2016, has been in decline for 23 years. While one might argue that this decline was reversed under President George W. Bush, the facts speak loudly to the contrary. Our military preparedness and strength was so depleted by the Jihadist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent wars begun in Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) that multiple deployments of troops, lack of basic equipment such as body armor and ground war-based weaponry, and the use of private security such as “Blackwater”, revealed that America had gone to war in the Middle East woefully unprepared. America under President Obama has reached its weakness military strength in 75 years. Instead of Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” does America under Obama now at grave risk of “war and defeat through weakness? This writer firmly believes that America is dangerously vulnerable to military attack and even conquest by a menacing foreign nation or alliance of foreign nations, because of our combination of weak military readiness and outrageously weak resolve.

America must reverse course militarily and commence immediately the daunting task of rebuilding our military might, both in weaponry and in troop numbers, to at least double, and perhaps even triple, the present size and strength we now possess. Under Clinton, Bush and especially, Obama, American military strength and resolve has been so dangerously weakened that we can no longer assume we are immune for foreign domination or conquest. “Peace Through Strength” has been the proven mantra and policy not only in American history, but the history of the world. We simply cannot afford Obama and his deliberate pursuit of American military weakness and resolve, because such weakness, if not reversed to a return to military might, could spell military defeat and the nasty surprise of brutal defeat and conquest of our nation and her people.

The grave danger of war and defeat for America from abroad through deliberate military weakness, is but one more compelling reason why the nefarious Obama administration must be replaced by a Constitutional Conservative government in the upcoming November elections.


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