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An obvious episode resulted in the creation of Hillary’s Basket of Deplorables, a new destination for those who do not support her. Yep, I’m here too. That basket was woven without warning and quickly filled.

This came in the midst of disturbing news cycle. We grieved while writing about the innocent little six week old baby being brutally beaten to death by her father…and then fighting the consuming outrage while writing about Muslims demanding that a 9/11 Memorial Plaque be removed.

As if that wasn’t enough, NFL players, led by Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, began refusing to stand for the National Anthem, including this past Sunday, when all attendees were asked to stand in honor and respect to all those who died in the 9/11 attacks by Muslims. Some players followed his insulting stance.

Several players including those from other teams joined the disrespectful display which is a slap in the face to those who have suffered through those unprovoked Islamic attacks. The only viable explanation for these incredible actions is that these players have suffered severe head injuries connected with that sport. Kaepernick must have been hit especially hard.

He was abandoned after birth, adopted and raised by a loving white couple who gave him every opportunity to succeed. This is the gratitude he exhibits to his parents and the country that gave him the path to success.

Then Chris Brown stated his support for the action against America. Well at least, by making a stupid spectacle of himself, he gets his name in the papers.

This action, spearheaded by black millionaire athletes, was then expanded for the ‘cause’ by wearing black gloves and raising clenched fists in front of people who paid serious money to attend their games, and made this gesture in front of them as a warning.  And what are they protesting?  Lack of opportunity for blacks, they say. How’s that again? Sixty eight percent of professional athletes are black. Plus the black movie starts, authors and professors as well as factory supervisors.

Isn’t it about time to boycott all NFL Games and their sponsors?

As if all this was not enough, adding to the madness is the outrageous idea that we must not speak unkindly toward Muslims. That is considered a ‘hate crime’ doncha know. We cannot make them feel uncomfortable under any circumstance. Yes it is now a hate crime to speak out against those who daily commit murderous hate crimes under the Islamic flag.

America has now strangely made a point that the only censorship here is against those who tell the truth.

In the face of a trying week, we learned, to our horror, that we have been assigned to the Basket of Deplorables. Now that was a scary thought, bringing a picture of being cast down to Hellary, under the sin of being Conservatives.

That basket was so huge, it could contain enough deplorables to fill an entire continent. However, the deplorables themselves were not what people have been led to believe.

They were educated, well groomed, had responsible positions, worked for what they had instead of demanding a hand-out, and are united in the quest to bring moral values back to America. We did not hear one “F” word or “N” word.

The Deplorables want to see an improved economy, a place where families can be safe and a country with a back-bone who will not cow-tow to those who would destroy us, or to allow the schools to slash and revise the history of our country by teaching immorality while brutally slaughtering pre-born babies and then selling their body parts.

These are those ‘deplorables’ who are with me in that basket. It is to be noted that none of the people mentioned above were there, making it better to be in that basket than out if it.

An anonymous minister friend discussed with me the problem of trying to consider my own identity, especially since winding up in that basket:

I was born white, which makes me a racist.

I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which makes me a fascist

I am heterosexual, which makes me a homophobe.

I am a Christian, which makes me an infidel.

I am 83 which makes me a useless old man.

I think and I reason; therefore I doubt much that the main stream media tells me, which makes me a reactionary.

I am proud of my heritage and our inclusive American culture, which makes me a xenophobe.

I value my safety and that of my family; therefore I appreciate the police and the legal system, which makes me a right-wing extremist.

I believe in hard work, fair play, and fair compensation according to each individual’s merits, which makes me anti-social.

I believe in the defense and protection of the homeland by all citizens, which makes me a militarist.

Hmmm. Frankly, I’m not sure who I am anymore.

Being in Hillary’s Basket is a happy experience. Have met very solid, nice people here who have common sense….not like being around those others.

Closing Thought:  It is curious that hundreds of people have publicly stated that if Donald Trump wins the election, they will move to Canada, yet not one of them has stated they will move to Mexico.


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